Parties receive latest Haass proposals

Published Sunday, 22 December 2013
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Northern Ireland's political parties have received US diplomat Richard Haass' third draft document which is attempting to reach agreement on flags, parading and dealing with the past.

Parties receive latest Haass proposals
Dr Richard Haass and Dr Meghan O'Sullivan pictured at the Europa Hotel. (© PA)

On Sunday morning, Dr Haass tweeted: "up & working on new draft, integrating as best we can suggestions from parties. goal to produce/circulate new (3rd) draft early afternoon."

The revised proposal document was presented to politicians on Sunday afternoon ahead of round table talks on Monday morning.

Prior to this, the political parties spent the weekend examining and responding to the contents of Dr Haass's second draft.

The former US envoy to Northern Ireland said on Friday that he and vice-chair Meghan O'Sullivan will stay in Northern Ireland until Christmas.

He declared that "no stone has been left unturned" in the bid to resolve contentious issues in Northern Ireland.

Dr Haass gave himself the end-of-year deadline and, if a deal is not agreed on Monday, his team will return to the region on Friday to strive to find resolutions before the New Year.

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pip in belfast wrote (114 days ago):
michael moanagain democracy is not sinn fein and its two puppet parties voting against everything british and as for your spiel about st patricks day maybe if it was somthing other than a show of strength by nationalists in belfast it would be a lot nore acceptable and more inclusive of the whole community instead of flooding the town with a sea of football tops from a team of another country country and the flag of another country just a thought ?
Michael Monaghan in Belfast wrote (117 days ago):
Sam 1690- dont think you understand the workings of Stormont - incase you havent realised and just because the Unionists are as you say the biggest elected 'block' - we have what is called a 'petition of concern' where a majority of one community or the other can block legislation going through Stormont - long gone or the days of one community dominating the other! Like it was in the past ? So where have you been for the last 15 years ?? Lol
Michael Monaghan in Belfast wrote (117 days ago):
Sam1690 - maybe you should understand the meaning of demcracy - example the taking down of the Union Jack at city hall was a democratic decision like it or not! - also learn your facts! - we don't have an Irish language act and secondly if the DUP or the biggest party at stormont why don't they along with all the other parties support St. Patrick's day becoming a public holiday ? As a token of respect to the Irish tradition that live here also, considering You have the 12th of July to celebrate your culture .. And maybe a few IRISH Statues at CIty Hall and Stormont to people like James Conolly, W.B Yeats, wolfe Tone and Henry joy mcCraken ??
KeyRan in The Walled City wrote (117 days ago):
The Union flag is a symbol of 300 years Loyalist/Unionist/British dominance,subjugation and oppression in Northern Ireland. The flying of the Tricolor to the Loyalists would be a sign that the war is over and they have been defeated whereas the constant flying of the Union flag 365; although untrue, belays them into the belief that they won the war and defeated the IRA. The "culture" they feel is being eroded is a culture of just that - a culture Catholic oppression,domination,triumphalism,gerrymandering and autocracy that has now ended. They use the guise of "Loyalism" when it is Protestants ruling over Catholics just as it was during the famine and the plantations. Those days are LONG gone and Haass needs to just tell the DUP those facts in a brutal and point blank fashion. If they continue the charade they are only embarrassing themselves and the people of this country !
jackie in belfast wrote (118 days ago):
@Matty in Newry the union flag is the flag of this country unless it is deemed otherwise in a border poll, so why do you feel the need for a tricolour to be flown to express your irishness?
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