Domestic abuse victim speaks out

Domestic abuse victim speaks out

A woman has spoken of the horrific physical and sexual abuse she suffered for years at the hands of her former partner in order to encourage others to seek help.

Terri-Louise Graham, who has waived her right to anonymity, was in court on Friday for a pre-sentence hearing after her ex-partner Greg Deyzel Logue pleaded guilty to eight charges of indecent assault and six of common assault.Logue, 34 and from Duddy's Court in the Waterside area of the city, is already serving a seven-year sentence for a separate attack on Terri-Louise.He is awaiting sentencing for abuse he inflicted between 2008 and 2011.Logue frequently hit Terri-Louise, even in public and even beat her while she was pregnant.She told UTV: "I was dragged through the streets, I had every item of clothing ripped off me, I was naked in the street, he beat my head off the walls, he jumped up and down on me and smashed a TV on me."He sexually assaulted me, in the worst way possible, repeatedly - he degraded me."Terri-Louise received horrific injuries in a prolonged attack which went on for hours and was only stopped when police officers arrived at the door.She has decided to speak up to show others suffering domestic abuse that they should not accept it."The first time you speak out is the hardest," she said."The first time you tell anybody you are so ashamed because you are made to feel like it's your fault, you are made to feel guilty and ashamed and all those things but it's not your fault."You have to realise that it doesn't matter what excuse they give you, nobody has the right to hurt you."


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