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Man not guilty of Barry McCrory murder

A Londonderry man has been found not guilty of murdering Barry McCrory at a flat in the city 15 months ago after a judge said the prosecution had not proved his guilt "beyond a reasonable doubt''.

Man pleads guilty to sex with dog

A man has pleaded guilty to a string of offences involving indecent images of children – and to having sex with an animal, believed to be a dog, in Co Down.

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Man sentenced for stabbing housemate to death

A man from East Timor who stabbed his friend to death, after hearing "voices" urging him to do so, is being returned to prison on Friday after being told he must serve at least 10 years of his life sentence before he can be considered for release.

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Henry revels in Kingspan return

Ulster’s Chris Henry described his highly anticipated return to the Kingspan for Friday night’s game against Cardiff as a “special night”.

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