Dodds dismisses Adams' border poll call

Published Friday, 09 November 2012
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North Belfast MP Nigel Dodds has said the DUP is "unconcerned" by Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adam's intention to intensify the party's campaign for a border poll in Northern Ireland.

Dodds dismisses Adams' border poll call
Sinn Féin's Gerry Adams called for Irish Americans to support the campaign. (© UTV)

Addressing an audience in New York, Gerry Adams announced Sinn Féin would be commencing a campaign for to call a referendum in the New Year.

Mr Adams said republican ambitions for Irish unity had been boosted by the decision to hold a referendum on Scottish independence in two years' time.

He also urged Irish Americans to use their influence.

"Irish America needs to persuade political opinion in America that a united Ireland is in the best strategic interests of the USA," he said.

But the DUP MP dismissed Mr Adam's comments, saying he was "detached from reality if he believed a border poll in Northern Ireland was a key issue for any American".

He also claimed evidence shows a strengthening of support for the Union in Northern Ireland.

"Even if by some miracle Gerry Adams were able to persuade Americans that the future of Cork is of greater 'strategic interest' to the USA than the future of Chicago or even China, the decision on a border poll would not actually be affected," he commented.

"A border poll can only be called by the Secretary of State when there is likely to be a vote in favour of changing our constitutional status.

The DUP is not concerned about the likelihood of such a poll being held, nor are we worried about what the outcome would be.

Nigel Dodds

He added: "All recent evidence actually points to a strengthening of support for the maintenance of Northern Ireland's position within the UK.

"The only people who cling to the notion of a border poll are Sinn Fein and a few gullible commentators who claim it would somehow bring stability. The reality is, that in Northern Ireland as in the United States the issues of importance to our citizens is the stability of our economy and the prospects for employment."

He also said he was confident that Scottish people would choose to remain within the United Kingdom.

In March 1973 the question of Northern Ireland's continued participation in the UK versus a united Ireland was raised with the sovereignty referendum. The result was an overwhelming vote in favour of remaining within the UK.

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Iain in Belfast wrote (806 days ago):
Good point WTF. Only last week Ryan lectured me about the ills of the OO. Maybe he missed a trick but they were not part of that story (the border poll) nor do I support them what so ever. But maybe he thinks every single protestant must be a LOL diehard. For the record Ryan, I find them to be out-dated and sectarian, quite frankly embarassing. So there you go mate, I am sorry to burst your bubble but feel free to stereotype a whole community as you see fit, very educated. I'm not completely ignorant to paint the catholic community with the same brush, I only wish you could remove your blinkers and do the same.
WTF in Ards wrote (807 days ago):
Ryan, please explain why you must mention parades in every post you make no matter what the subject is? Are you the SF anti Loyal Order parades coordinator? You need to get out more. PS Are republican parades sectarian?
OldSod in Fermanagh wrote (808 days ago):
Realist, you raise some very interesting points, however I don't think you can compare Northern Ireland with Bradford etc, as those cities don't have any constitutional link with Pakistan, likewise Pakistan has no territorial or historical claim to those cities. Even the most ardent republican would acknowledge there is a historical and constitutional link between Northern Ireland and UK, -they just want to sever it (and strengthen it between NI and the Republic of Ireland). Personally, apart from the cost of such a poll, I think it might not hurt to hold the poll,... it will put the national question to bed for another decade perhaps,... either way it will let us know where we all stand. If a poll is not held Jerry will only be wrecking out heads about it.
Iain in Belfast wrote (808 days ago):
Ryan, please continue to entertain me with your knowledge, most of us know that Irish Americans and not very bright in the first place. If Gerry asked you to stick your hand in a fire would you do it? Being a sheep, you probably would.
Gerry Fitt in Antrim Road offy wrote (808 days ago):
That 1973 poll was boycotted by nationalists, but being good journalists in Utv u forgot to mention that. pointless mentioning the result as it was totally one sided. what harm could a poll do now.
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