Dissidents groups merge to form new IRA

Published Thursday, 26 July 2012
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Some of the main dissident republican terrorist factions in Northern Ireland are to unite as one to form a new version of the IRA, it's been revealed.

Dissidents groups merge to form new IRA
A masked man reads a Real IRA Easter statement. (© UTV)

It is understood the merger is a fresh attempt at destabilising power sharing at Stormont and will come in the form of intensified attacks on security forces.

According to the Guardian newspaper, Republican Action Against Drugs, the vigilante group which is most active in the Derry area, is to join with the Real IRA and other smaller groupings - but the Continuity IRA will not be joining.

The new organisation released a statement to the newspaper in which it claimed a "unified structure, under a single leadership" had been formed.

It continued saying that they would be "subservient to the constitution of the Irish Republican Army".

Henry McDonald, the paper's Ireland correspondent, said it was an attempt by dissident factions "to become much more structured and centralised."

He said the amalgamation was "rather surprising," particularly the inclusion of RAAD.

"It has the potential for an escalation of violence and that certainly was indicated to me in various briefings over the last few days."

The journalist added that "threatening things is one thing, carrying them out is another."

SDLP leader Dr Alasdair McDonnell said the newly-announced coalition will be resisted every step of the way.

On Thursday night, he launched a scathing attack on the "new so-called IRA."

"They want to fill our jails, they want to fill our cemeteries and they want to deny our young people any opportunity for a job or prosperity," he told UTV.

He said: "Since the people of Ireland united in 1998 to vote overwhelmingly for a peaceful and democratic solution to the Troubles, the island has continued to build on the desire of the vast majority of people to co-exist in an atmosphere of calm and prosperity.

"Neither this new so-called IRA, the Continuity IRA or any other iteration of dissident threat will destabilise the structures and partnerships that have underpinned the relative peace of the last 14 years."

Dr McDonnell said the terrorists had "no mandate, no legitimacy, no authority to undo the progress we have made together."

"These are people who would rather skulk in dark alleyways, shooting teenagers in the legs for anti-social behaviour than stand proud in an election count and wait for the people's voice to be heard through the ballot box," he added.

"These people do not represent me, my family, my party or my nation."


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derrydave in derry wrote (915 days ago):
instead of two small groups of eejits , we now have one BIG group full of eejits .
big c in falls wrote (915 days ago):
wonder how long it will be before they split
Dean in Belfast wrote (916 days ago):
These fools can achieve nothing through guns and bombs. Its been tried, tested and failed by the P.I.R.A. Forcing your own community into your way of thinking with intimidation, threats and death serves no cause to inteligent folk. If these silly want to be's are looking for attention to their cause why dont they propose a mandate? Something people can vote on? Answer is they wont because they have 0.05% suport through out Northern Ireland. Sure a pole was taken and results were.....if there was a referendum for a united Ireland today it would be 17% in favour. If it was taken 10yrs from now 24% would be in favour. Its a lost cause for old the I.R.A hoodlums who didnt get what they wanted. They pray on young republicans/nationalists from impoverished backrounds which are caused by old war ways of thinking, fear and haterid. Its the same as peodofiles.....grooming young men to commit terrible things to satisfy their needs. Its all about education, health and a healthy growing economy to get people on your side. Their just pathetic fools the lot of them. I consider myself nationalist by the way and would never consider these so called humans as true Irishmen.
Tomc in Belfast wrote (916 days ago):
Monty Python couldn't have written the script for this bunch of lowlife losers. This quote from The Life of Brian sums it up - Reg: If you want to join the People's Front of Judea, you have to really hate the Romans. Brian: I do! Reg: Oh yeah, how much? Brian: A lot! Reg: Right, you're in. Just apply this to this bunch. I mean there was the IRA, then the Real, and the Continuity, and what now, the New? Can they not see that there is no need for any version?? More has been gained politically than by blood - time these criminal mugs and thugs just went away for good.
mick in belfast wrote (916 days ago):
wise up natlie luv there will never be a united ireland in anyones time face facts
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