Dissident group claims PSNI bomb attack

Published Thursday, 07 June 2012
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The dissident terror faction Óglaigh na hÉireann has warned it is planning more attacks on police.

Dissident group claims PSNI bomb attack
Officers at the house in Whin Park, Twinbrook where a bomb was thrown at police (© Pacemaker)

In a statement to security journalist Brian Rowan, the so-called Belfast Brigade also said it was responsible for an attack on police in Twinbrook.

"The statement is in two bits. It comes from dissident faction OnH. It was telephoned to me just before 11am this morning and was accompanied by a recognised codeword," said Brian Rowan.

Óglaigh na hÉireann (ONH) said it "patiently waited and ambushed the PSNI" with what has been described as a grenade.

More worryingly in this statement is its final sentence, in which the group warns that more attacks are to follow.

Brian Rowan

A device was thrown at officers in the Whin Park area shortly after midnight on Wednesday, as PSNI responded to an emergency call.

Two family cars sustained most of the damage. Shrapnel smashed through the window of a third vehicle, which was parked across the street, then pierced the headrest of the driver's seat.

Police said it was fortunate that no one had been injured or killed in the attack.

A statement said the PSNI is "committed to providing a police service right across Northern Ireland regardless of the threat posed by a minority of individuals and groups who would seek to try to kill officers."

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jim in north belfast wrote (964 days ago):
these people are low of the low they need to go back into what ever gutter they came from because nobody wants them here the police carry guns its just a pity they didn't catch this person about to commit or committing this offence then they could have acted with the same force this scum bag acted with what would they do if they got the doll taken from them maybe they would change there minds to what they want
sean.d in belfast wrote (965 days ago):
can we all remember the first sign of a siren ??,noise then lights,,after that as kids ,whats our next move ?..RUN ,,,, to it !!..lets see ,whats going on ,,HOW MANY CHILDREN have been torn apart and killed by {casualties of war},,,,enough of using this rubbish-WRONG PLACE, WRONG TIME..this republician agenda, ONH was defeated before it took its 1st breath,its full of touts, druggies and hoods,maybe full of cowards that couldnt stand on their on 2 feet ,always needed a name to back themselves up,IF ,,I was ever to be asked to join this WAR MACHINE and told to lob a grenade toward a peeler jeep ,while kids have gathered around it like a poke van !!! CHILL....{CASUALTIES OF WAR,KINDA THING }..hi ,new IRA MAN, WHERES YOUR KIDS ?..not at this poke van ,i bet
ZZ in Belfast wrote (965 days ago):
When are these people going to wise up!!!!!!
Paul in Derry wrote (965 days ago):
One minute they're protesting in Derry at the Olympic torch celebrations to complain about the Police searching their homes and watching them, the next minute this. I know we're dealing with complete morons here, but come on, nobody is THAT stupid to think that they can bomb and murder and no one do a thing about it!
Rob in North Down wrote (965 days ago):
These groups complain that their members houses are being searched, yet they let everyone know that they have bombs and guns in their possession. What a bunch of brainless knuckle draggers. They don't want the Brits out when it comes to signing on day!
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