New Lagan footbridge designs unveiled

Published Thursday, 23 January 2014
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Nine designs for a new pedestrian and cycle bridge over the river Lagan are being put on display for the public later.

New Lagan footbridge designs unveiled
One of the proposed designs for the new bridge. (© UTV)

A series of public information days is also being held across Belfast to show the proposed designs for the new bridge, which will be constructed between the Gasworks and Ormeau Park.

Transport Minister, Danny Kennedy said: "Last summer, I announced a feasibility study for the construction of a combined pedestrian and cycle bridge over the river Lagan. This initial work is due to be completed in February.

"My aim is to develop an iconic, landmark pedestrian and cycle bridge which will connect two of the city's key assets, the Gasworks Business Park and the Ormeau Park.

"The existing paths within Ormeau Park are widely used for walking and cycling while the recent introduction of woodland bicycle trails in Ormeau Park make it an attractive green space in the city centre.

"Importantly, the proposed bridge will build on my commitment to promote and develop cycling as it will provide a quiet route for cyclists and pedestrians to and from the city centre."

The Lord Mayor of Belfast, Councillor Máirtín Ó Muilleoir, said: "As a wannabe cyclist and keen runner it is great to see Belfast being made even more accessible for cyclists, runners and pedestrians. This new bridge will link one of our premier green areas with our city centre and will hopefully encourage more people to use cycles as a fast, efficient and environmentally friendly way to get around as well as encourage the public to exercise more.

"I think as many people as possible should attend the information days to ensure we get the iconic bridge that the city deserves."

The Feasibility Study is being undertaken by DRD and is due to be completed by the end of February 2014.

The information days are taking place on Thursday at Belfast City Hall from 11am to 6pm; next Monday at the Ozone Leisure Complex from 11:30am to 8pm; and next Tuesday at Shaftesbury Community & Recreation Centre from 11:30am to 8pm.
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Irvin in Toome wrote (367 days ago):
Look its like this, build a bridge between communities then things can move on. Keeping people segregated just doesn't work. Plus look at the benefits the peace bridge had to the Maiden city! Brings in work during construction then draws tourists to an otherwise empty area of Belfast. Although I agree better roads and less potholes would be great in the short term. They are a never ending problem and will be as bad in a couple of years. A nice permanent landmark to show the world how Belfast has moved on must be a good thing also? And pound for pound will be a better investment in the long term.
toron cana in belfast wrote (368 days ago):
i hope this bridge does not go ahead. as it may be cheap to build as they claim it to be. but we have heard that before were it starts of being cheap to build but ends up costing a whole lot more. and it is a total waste of money as there are two bridges near by that people use to get into town. and were it is to be positioned is just stupid as very few people will use it. and it could become a secterian flashpoint because it connects what is classed as a protestant area to the lower ormeau. and it could also be used by criminal elements as shortcut to go into one area to break into houses or steal cars and other criminal activity. so whoever suggested building this bridge clearly does not live in the areas were the bridge is going to be. and when trouble does start it will be the people who live near it that will be effected. so he should take the money and put it into the health system and sort out the a&e departments in the local hospitals. this way the money is going to be used wisely and will help the people of our country more.
martin in belfast wrote (368 days ago):
Money should be put into schools and hospitals. Personally I think its just going to make another flash point and we don't need any more. .
damian in belfast area wrote (368 days ago):
can yous not put the money to better use for roads or is it that theres money for dreams but the budget for repair is empty belfast roads are a discrace to there users cycleists motorbikers car users and the pedestrians who get soaked by are million pothole in the road its a laughing stock they can ge away with this sort of spend which bridge to put in what ever one is cheapest never mind pretty boy bridges as long as it works stop wasteing tax payers well earned cash on makeing things look good
Michael in Templepatrick wrote (369 days ago):
How many bridges does the river Lagan actually need? Complete waste of 18 million quid!
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