Derry in top ten global cities

Published Tuesday, 23 October 2012
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Londonderry has been named as one of the world's best cities to visit next year by guidebook Lonely Planet.

Derry in top ten global cities
Derry is listed fourth in the Best in Travel list. (© Getty)

The maiden city was placed fourth in a top 10 cities list in its Best In Travel 2013 publication.

"Londonderry is the UK City of Culture 2013, which means this vibrant historic walled city is undergoing a renaissance," the guidebook states.

Lonely Planet's Tom Hall explained: "Best in Travel is all about identifying destinations which offer the traveller something special.

"Derry is a brilliant example of a city that has bounced back from difficult times. This is a city with heart, which shines through in its exciting arts and music scene."

Top of the list of cities to visit next year is San Francisco, followed by Amsterdam and the Indian city of Hyderabad.

Beijing is in fifth place, followed by Christchurch in New Zealand, Hobart in Australia, Montreal in Canada, Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and Puerto Iguazu near the famous waterfalls in Argentina.

Sharon O'Connor, Chief Executive of Derry City Council, said: "This accolade is not that we are the same as or comparable to some of those cities but that we have a very unique set of attributes, that people really need to come and discover.

"I think a lot of people in Belfast have driven through the city and not stopped, but you really need to come and experience the place that it is today because it's a completely different place to the one you've been familiar with."

Whether it's the forthcoming City of Culture year, our rich history, our status as a city in the vanguard of promoting peace or just the rich diversity of our cultural, social and business scenes, Derry is right on the world map.

Mark H Durkan

SDLP Foyle MLA Mark H Durkan has welcomed news.

"This news, coming as it does from one of the world's most highly-respected travel publishers, is international affirmation of what we all knew to be true: that Derry has a wealth of things to offer the global tourist market," he said.

"This announcement is testimony to the hard work and dedication of all those who work to promote Derry to the world."

He added: "We look forward to the boost this will bring our city and we will continue to work hard so that we do not take this honour for granted but instead use it as an opportunity to build a sustainable future for our tourist economy."

Sinn Féin Foyle MLA Maeve McLaughlin said the announcement was good news for the local tourism industry.

"For Derry to be in there with destinations such as San Francisco and Montreal is quite an achievement," she said.

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Han solo in derry wrote (808 days ago):
first and foremost lorna from limavady i worked in limavady for 10 years ,u like to make out that yr town is some sort of picturqsue and easy going place,its more bitter and divived than derry..thats for sure...we might have a problem with the name you couldnt agree a mayor...also yr crime rates petty shocking ....ive never seen as many drug dealers its one of the highest in NI...AND VIOLENT crime off the rictor scale FACT...theres a bitternness that derry people feel off limavady and WE KNOW IT and we dont care I KNOW people who will not use the airport because it says DERRY and not Lononderry.It does not surprize me that u dont shop in yr town lost over 2000 plus jobs in the past 2 years and the rest of u are employed in goverment private industry at all Derry will follow the Barcrllona model ie we will do it ourself ..
mark in Derry City wrote (824 days ago):
All the naysayers who denounce my city do yourself a favour and visit a city which was a city long before belfast emerged from a bogland.Two nobel prize winners, a rich musical tradition etc,etc.Believe it or not you wont get a nosebleed as you travel over the Glenshane.
Well done! in belfast wrote (826 days ago):
Well done Derry, great news.For you sad people making silly comments grown up and dont be so jealous!!! the people of Derry should be so proud.Theres more to Northern Ireland than Belfast!!!!
OldSod in Fermanagh wrote (826 days ago):
Okay, Derry/ Londonderry is not really a giant among cities,... it has a terrible legacy and a dreadful reputation,... but it has great potential! Next year is a chance for the ordinary decent Derry folk (we know they are out there and are the silent majority,... they just like to keep their heads down) to take back their city, reclaim it from the stigma attached, push the hoods, roaming drunks (perfect extras if "Zombies Hi" were to be turned into a film) and paramilitaries out, kick the wasters up the backside and turn Derry/ Londonderry from a "Limerick" into a "Galway"!! The City of Culture title, Fleadh and now the Lonely Planet are all opportunities to seize upon,.. just like the Clipper Race was (a huge success). Forget the naysayers, make it happen.
dave in ni wrote (827 days ago):
just wondering does the guide include paramilitary displays and the riot season in july?
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