Derry bomb was 'Iraq style mortar'

Published Friday, 07 December 2012
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Police said a bomb found in a car in Londonderry was a mortar type device intended to be used to try and kill officers.

Derry bomb was 'Iraq style mortar'
The 'home made' device was made safe. (© UTV)

Four men were arrested after the EFP, or "explosively formed projectile", was discovered when the vehicle was stopped in the Creggan area at around 8.40pm on Thursday.

PSNI Chief Supt. Stephen Martin said it is the kind of device used by insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan to penetrate armoured vehicles.

He added that it was viable and ready for use, and would have been targeted on a police vehicle and used to try and kill officers.

"This is a weapon primarily designed to kill," he explained.

These EFP devices are used in places like Afghanistan and Iraq with deadly consequences.

Chief Superintendent Stephen Martin

"It is a concern that an EFP has been recovered in Derry. But they have been found in other places so perhaps it is no surprise one has ended up here.

"The threat is severe. It has been severe for some time but I can assure everyone that the PSNI are going about their business in Derry, in the Creggan and in Northern Ireland.

"We will not be deterred from doing our duty."

Two 47-year-old men and another aged 40 were arrested as part of ongoing investigations into dissident republican activity.

A fourth man aged 41 was detained nearby.

The incident sparked a security alert in the Westway area of the city overnight. Residents were evacuated but have now been returned to their houses.

Policing Board Chair Brian Rea praised the work of PSNI in intercepting the car.

"These people do not care whose lives they disrupt or hurt and in this case police believe they were the intended target," he said.

"The police do need the support and help of the community for the work they are doing. I urge anyone with information on those who are trying to undermine our peace to pass that to the police directly or through Crimestoppers."

The police actions in finding this device have undoubtedly prevented death, injury or destruction.

Policing Board Chair Brian Rea

Local MLA Pat Ramsey described the device as "potentially murderous".

The SDLP representative said: "Police intercepted a car and I believe rammed the car.

"When I arrived there the bonnet was opened and police had sealed the area off and evacuated homes. They brought in the bomb disposal unit.

"It's good news this morning that police got a potentially murderous viable device off the streets, but it's disturbing that there are still those in our society who are intent on carrying out the destruction that they have."

Ronnie McKeegan of the UUP said: "If the bomb had reached its destination I dread to think of what the consequences would have been.

"I would like to congratulate the PSNI for their prompt actions in the city which undoubtedly saved lives and property from being destroyed."

The four men have been taken to Antrim Serious Crime Suite for questioning.

© UTV News
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WTF in Ards wrote (781 days ago):
'I couldnt care less about your opinion'. Great attitude Ryan. Very Sinn Fein of you. You must only post on this forum then to hear the sound of your own voice(so to speak). @ Ciaran......a village is missing its idiot mate.....
Danny in Ulster wrote (783 days ago):
@Ryan in Belfast - for once I agree with you, to an extent. Yes, the violence should stop, but you have to ask yourself why are SF/SDLP provoking the loyalist side with their constant attempts to remove all things loyalists hold dear, like orange parades, homecoming parades, flags, poppies etc? Is that a shared society? Seriously, what did they think would happen by voting to take down the flag shortly before Xmas without the agreement of BOTH communities!I am sure an acceptable compromise could have been found if they had bothered to try, but no they bulldoze it through, call it democracy then republicans gloat about it, and provoke the loyalists loooking for a reaction. If it was true democracy we wouldn't be seeing the violence we are seeing now.
william in coleraine wrote (783 days ago):
@mickey the psni said it was an efp not utv. nice bit of spin on your behalf! they are the real dangermen large bombs in buit up areas? people have had enough of all this
Lee in east belfast wrote (783 days ago):
Ciaran away and play with your toys boy
Hardy Har har in Maiden City wrote (783 days ago):
Have to laugh at some of the comments about protestants attacking buildings and threatening MLA's from our neighbours. Do you all seem to forget that throughout the years, republicans have attacked police, attacked buildings(with bombs) threatened people with death threats. When they did that they got what they wanted today, POWER in the big house and by god they have got it. Remember hearing about, all us poor catholics, poor republicans, poor nationalists, lets all take to the streets Well maybe this is 'Our Time' to stand up to what we believe in. The PUL community is not bombing or is not shooting anyone, it is standing up to the the rubbish we have to put up with, the second hand treatment, being 2nd class citizens, in our very own country by our very own politicans, by SF/IRA, the police force. I don't want riots myself, i don't want bombs, i and like others, just want fairness! Not much to ask for.
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