DUP launches election manifestos

Published Tuesday, 06 May 2014
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The DUP has launched its European and local council election manifestos, campaigning under the slogan "standing up for Northern Ireland".

DUP launches election manifestos
The DUP launches its election manifestos. (© Pacemaker)

It may be the largest party in Northern Ireland, but on Tuesday DUP leader Peter Robinson gave a dire warning that a shredding of the unionist vote could be a disaster.

He said: "I think everyone at home knows when you have two nationalist, republican candidates and you have half a dozen unionist candidates, it is going to shred the unionist vote and reduce the amount of votes that every party has. That damages unionism.

"People should be voting for the Democratic Unionist Party. It is the only party that is strong enough to be taking on the republican agenda and defeating it."

In the local government elections, the DUP is pledging low rates. It also intends to promote the economy and support for the flying of flags and symbols at council buildings.

European candidate Diane Dodds is defending a seat she won at the last European election.

The DUP are confirmed Euro-sceptics and Mrs Dodds had a warning for Prime Minister David Cameron ahead of any negotiations on future membership of the EU.

She said: "We warn them that we are not up for renegotiation that is tinkering around the edges.

"We are up for a renegotiation that its radical change, that provides us with the Europe of free trading sovereign nations. We want control of our own borders, control over our own money and control over our own laws. Anything less than that will not do."

The election will take place on 22 May.

European Election Candidates

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Joe in Co Down wrote (268 days ago):
DUP stands for the Dinosaur Unionist Party because of the that they have no progressive policies and keep looking back to a time when Unionists had it all their own way. Peter those old days will never come back its like waiting for a Beatle reunion wont happen. Move on and learn to lead the people to a better new shared future.
gerard in belfast wrote (269 days ago):
rojo its people like you who r holding this place back i am not going into all the things put here is a few 1 living in peace u will still have ur flag which will not feed you r pay ur bills if u have ur own place 2 you will still have your history and all the other carp that you and a lot like you seem to think is going to be lost by living in peace 3 u dont have to walk in places were your not wanted to keep ur history and what u believe in i believe am irish i dont need a flag r to walk and upset others for me to have to be irish so wind ur neck in and get a life and stop playing the tune of bigots most people in this country want to move on
Rojo in Belfast wrote (269 days ago):
Unite unionism...
shamrock in Belfast wrote (269 days ago):
@ Gerard. Since when has this sectarian, artificial statelet been a country!!!!
gerard in belfast wrote (269 days ago):
to the people of this wee country of ours please wise up u can do something in the next few weeks u can show them up on the hill how far out of peoples lives they are when you go to vote use it for the best not for orange r green done of them should be in government but you do have to say some of them do think of the people as you would know if you read these comments i have love for any of them i try to be honest on what people r saying on the street these r some of the things i do hear like s/f r the only party that r stopping the cuts here the dup have fook up the nhs and the housing which r all true vote for ur family cause when the jobs go across the water and they will like the dvla jobs have there will be more but then it will be to late i have children who i would like to live here but as they have said there r no jobs the houses we cant afford we pay more here then any were else in the uk we have known this for a long time now even the ones who were not born when all this carp started can see this why cant the rest of us see it wake up before its too late we have r young going and never come back in years from now people will say i should have done this r that but it will be to late i am not trying to tell any one how to vote each side play 1 against each other for there own gains i would vote for the 1s who put the money back in your pockets who will give us the NHS THE HOUSING THE JOBS I THINK WE DESERVE IT for what we have been though both sides need to see we have to live together no mater what happens in the next few weeks cause done of them want to lose what they have but to hell withey r useing all of us so wake up
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