DUP and PSNI set to meet over Castlederg

Published Sunday, 04 August 2013
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DUP politicians are set to meet with the PSNI this week to discuss a contentious republic commemoration in Castlederg.

DUP and PSNI set to meet over Castlederg
A memorial to two IRA men in Castlederg. (© UTV)

Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster and West Tyrone MLA Thomas Buchanan will meet the Assistant Chief Constable George Hamilton on Tuesday to discuss the policing operation during the parade.

The annual event, called the Tyrone Volunteer Commemoration, takes place in August and remembers the republican dead of the county. A decision was made last year to rotate the parade venue with Castlederg chosen for 2013.

The commemoration is due to be held next Sunday, 11 August - 40 years on from the deaths of Seamus Harvey and Gerard McGlynn, who died when the car bomb they were transporting to Castlederg detonated early.

Earlier, the Parades Commission said that its received 500 emails, letters and telephone calls from many who are "deeply offended by this parade and who oppose it in the strongest terms", as well as some from those who support the commemoration.

On Tuesday, the parade organisers announced that it would be rerouted away from the cenotaph in the village centre and resubmitted their application accordingly.

Two days later, the Parades Commission placed restrictions on the controversial event.

Mr Buchanan said: "The consistent message coming from residents is that the PSNI need to properly police this event.

"People are sick and tired of events where terrorists are paraded as heroes and where the enforcement of Parades Commission determinations seems to be non-existent."

He said that he would be seeking an assurance that the police will be monitoring the Castlederg parade to ensure there are no breaches of the Parades Commission determination.

"There should be no paramilitary garb or other images relating to proscribed organisations. In the circumstances where a proscribed organisation is promoted we will be asking the police what action they will take and about their duty under the Terrorism Act. "

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dougie in ards wrote (537 days ago):
a parade for terrorists , y hasnt it been banned? parades commission is a joke!
Frosty in Here wrote (537 days ago):
@ C in Belfast wrote (3 days ago): "One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter." And where does that get us caught in the middle between the different factions? We either have loyalist and republican terrorists, or we have loyalist and republican freedom fighters, so which is it? Personally I'm happy enough with what little freedoms I have without feeling the need to resort to violence in order to improve the lives of others against their will. A terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist, or don't you understand the definition of a terrorist? Someone who preys on society, including their own communities, for power and to cause fear. Do you seriously delude yourself that the IRA are fighting to free Ireland from British oppression, or that the UVF only target Catholics?
shocked in reality wrote (537 days ago):
Omg that sinn fein dude compared sunday parade to remembrance day, i can not believe he has done that. i find that highly offensive. Remembrance day is remembering ones who lost their lives protecting, serving their country. This thing on Sunday is celebrating terrorism and how two so called humans gt blown up by their own bomb as they were transporting it to murder innocent people. There is a huge difference. Also protesting on sat as there is an apprentice parade pot kettle black much?? Disgusting that they have decided to do this and that have a statue for them.
s in Ballyclare UK! wrote (538 days ago):
Steve in Belfast What do u mean if ira are terrorists of course they are that's prob a polite way of putting it. The only consolation here is these two blew themselves up.
confused in NI in Belfast wrote (539 days ago):
@Bill in Newtownabby which part of the Brian Robinson Memorial parade, which is held every year, not glorifying loyalist terrorism, what part of Pride of Ardoyne flute band having the names of two dead loyalist terrorists on their uniforms not glorifying loyalist terrorism, what part of flute bands named after loyalist terrorists and banners with their names on it not glorifying loyalist terrorism. Which part of DUP standing shoulder to shoulder on a stage with loyalist terrorists is not glorifying loyalist terrorism. You are either against all terrorism no matter which side it comes from, or you support it, now which is it?
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