DUP MP secures Kia Provo name change

Published Tuesday, 05 March 2013
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A DUP MP has raised concerns in the House of Commons over car-maker Kia naming a concept super-mini the 'Provo' - tabling a motion, which has since been successful, calling for the name to be changed.

DUP MP secures Kia Provo name change
The Kia Provo concept car. (© Kia)

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell said the chosen name had "deeply offensive connotations".

Members of the Provisional IRA, who engaged in bombing campaigns during the Troubles in Northern Ireland, are often referred to as 'Provos'.

The Korean car-maker unveiled the car just in time for the International Geneva Motor Show, billing it as a "radical super-mini coupe which aims to set the streets alight".

But the Provo name, apparently chosen at Kia's European headquarters in Germany, has raised eyebrows in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

There can be little doubt about the offensiveness of the name, not least to those who suffered directly at the hands of Provisional IRA sectarian murderers.

Gregory Campbell, DUP

According to a Kia spokesman: "There was absolutely no intention to cause offence. The name comes from 'provoke' - as in provoking a reaction."

And according to Mr Campbell, Kia has since apologised and confirmed that the car would not be launched in the UK under the 'Provo' name.

"The swift action by Kia is to be welcomed," the DUP politician said.

"Obviously, a large multi-national company may not be aware of all the connotations surrounding a particular name. However, in such circumstances, it is important that they act quickly when they are made aware that the name is actually linked to a terrorist campaign."

Mr Campbell added: "I accept that this was a mistake made by the company and I know that their decisive action will be welcomed by many people, in Northern Ireland and beyond, whose lives have been affected by the murderous actions of the Provisional IRA over a 30-year period."

No specific production schedule has been put in place, so it could be some time before the Provo hits the roads elsewhere.

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Michael in Belfast wrote (688 days ago):
Campbell whining about the name of a car, Robinson & Wilson speaking out against police and courts one sided approach, oh dear oh dear this is what my taxes pay for, three muppets, three absolutely useless bigots, stirring the pot of hatred again (shakes head in sadness). No wonder people like Jamie Bryson etc are the way they are and believe what they believe, he hasn't even experienced one day of the troubles and he is a bitter twisted wee man. I have lived through all the troubles, I have seen how we catholics were treated, seen young soldiers killed, been caught up in bomb blasts, bomb scares, Am I bitter NO, do I have protestant friends, YES. People should have watched the Nolan Show, should have listened really closely to that lady who survived Auschwitz, seen her lack of hatred and bitterness after what she suffered, and then reflected. DUP politicians stop stirring the pot of hatred and sectarianism, break the cycle, bring this country forward one that we can all be proud to live in.
AM in Glengormley in glengormley wrote (688 days ago):
To Protestant in Shankill, Go you indeed - well said!
John in Newtownabbey wrote (688 days ago):
Well done Gregory and company. 45 jobs lost at Thomas Cook but the Union is safe because the car's name was sorted. What on earth would we do without you?
protestant in shankill wrote (689 days ago):
i cant believe this,the world will be laughing at us and rightly so...if we cant get past a car being called Provo is not a good sign of how we will deal with the rest of the past....you would think we have no problems with are economy,health care and employment,housing and budget cuts...TO ALL MLA'S ON THE HILL SORT THE THINGS SORT WE CARE ABOUT NOT SOME CAR CALLED PROVO OR TRAINERS CALLED BLACK AND TANS...stop showing Northern Ireland as small minded idiots but hard working and caring people who the MAJORITY of us are,and id just like to add that i have lost close family in the troubles and am not offended at this name,and before grammar police get on my case I DONT CARE AS LONG AS I GET MY POINT ACROSS LOL....GO ME LOL
henry in north of ireland wrote (689 days ago):
to the joyriders, the new kia provo has a dashboard that auto kneecaps anyone stealing the car
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