Dáil minister attends DUP conference

Published Friday, 23 November 2012
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Irish agriculture minister Simon Coveney has made history by becoming the first ROI government minister to address a DUP conference.

Dáil minister attends DUP conference
Simon Coveney talks to Danish Agriculture Minister Mette Gjerskov at a meeting. (© Getty)

He travelled to Belfast to attend the party's Rural Affairs breakfast on Friday morning.

Mr Coveney's attendance came after DUP Junior Minister Jonathan Bell addressed the Fine Gael party conference in the south earlier this year.

The Fine Gael politician said that his attendance was "a good thing" and that he was "delighted" to be taking part.

"I think the fact that it is happening in a reasonably quiet manner is an indication of the normalisation that is happening now on this island in terms of politics north and south."

UTV's Political Correspondent Tracey Magee described the development as "both symbolic and practical."

"When Ireland takes over the presidency of the EU next year, Mr Coveney will play a central role in the European Agricultural Policy - a position which will prove incredibly important for farmers on both sides of the border."

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WTF in Bahamas......home soon though. wrote (792 days ago):
Peter in Armagh.........I'm on holiday. DOHHH!!!!! I live in Ards. Look before you leap Peter.
Peter in Armagh wrote (792 days ago):
WTF in Bahamas, are you being ironic? You love Britain so much your living on an island 3000 miles away. Are Nationalists not allowed to have an opinion in the wonderful, perfect-in-every-way UK?
william in coleraine wrote (792 days ago):
@ ryan theres something in the region of 200,000 empty houses in the south oversupply 2 the max, they arent going to blow away in the wind,and if you think paying 40euro for 4 small beers in a nightclub in letterkenny is good living then you must be living the high life, their unemployment benefit is around the same as a minimum wage job here, their standard of living is unsustainable.dublin rule isnt viable at all.
WTF in Bahamas.....still wrote (793 days ago):
Having a laugh at all the nationalists on this forum spouting off about how great Ireland is........from England, Australia, Singapore, USA etc. yea, Ireland's that great that they buggered off out of it pronto. Their hypocrisy is only matched by their hatred of all things British.
Ryan in Belfast wrote (793 days ago):
@Seb, NI. Seb, you say GB is more interested in our future than the Republic? lol are you having a laugh? Is that why GB neglected NI (the British goverments own admission, btw) for decades till the troubles began? Seb, the public sector in NI is 80%, a MASSIVE 80%, thats how much your beloved GB cares about NI, they didnt even bother to send private businesses to NI to create jobs, we got the left over crumbs. Irish Nationalists are on the right road, the vast majority of the people in the Republic want a United Ireland, its going to happen sooner or later. The Republic ranks as one of the best in the WORLD for quality of life, even in the heart of an global economic crisis. Its about time this country was United. Partition has failed.
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