Crash car 'went through two red lights'

Crash car 'went through two red lights'

A court has heard that the man responsible for killing Constable Philippa Reynolds drove a stolen vehicle through two red lights in Londonderry, at speeds of up to 80mph, before he crashed into her patrol car.

Shane Christopher Frane was high on a cocktail of drink and drugs at the time.He is facing an indeterminate sentence behind bars - with no time limit set for release - after pre-sentence reports described him as a dangerous offender, who poses a risk to the public.Constable Philippa Reynolds died after a stolen Toyota Landcruiser ploughed into her police patrol car in a devastating smash at Dales Corner in the Waterside in the early hours of 9 February 2013.Frane, 26 and originally from Limerick, was living in a nearby homeless shelter at the time. He has already been convicted of the officer's manslaughter.He had been drinking heavily and was high on prescription drugs, after taking 60 tablets when he stole the Landcruiser along with another resident of the homeless shelter - 24-year-old Conor Clarence.Frane drove at speeds of 80mph in a 30mph limit through city centre streets. He had sped through two red lights when he smashed in Constable Reynolds' patrol car.The 27-year-old was in the back seat and died instantly.I'm sorry for what I did to this officer - it was not my intention to do it. I'm not into stealing cars and driving around like a lunatic. I'm sorry.Shane Christopher FraneOn Friday, Philippa Reynold's parents came to court to hear the details of pre-sentence reports complied on the men responsible for the death of their daughter.Frane and Clarence fled the scene of the collision, but were later arrested.During police interviews, Frane told officers that he was sorry.He has also written a letter expressing his extreme remorse, but it will only be sent to the Reynolds family if they agree to receive it.Frane has a criminal record on both sides of the border which was described in court as extensive.It contains convictions for extreme violence and motoring offences.Frane also has a long history of drug and alcohol abuse.Clarence has been convicted for stealing the keys for the 4X4 and allowing himself to be carried in a stolen vehicle.He also pleaded guilty, has expressed remorse and claimed he pleaded with Frane to slow down in the moments before the fatal crash.Both men will be sentenced next month.


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