Council reports Lennox threats to PSNI

Published Tuesday, 10 July 2012
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Belfast City Council has contacted the police after receiving threats from supporters of a campaign to save Lennox, the dog branded as dangerous by Northern Ireland's highest courts, from destruction.

Council reports Lennox threats to PSNI
Lennox was seized by dog wardens two years ago. (© Pacemaker)

Campaigners from around the world have been protesting over the decision to have the pitbull-type dog, belonging to Belfast woman Caroline Barnes, put to sleep.

During the two-year legal battle to save the animal, council workers have previously reported a number of attacks - including tyres being slashed and a petrol-soaked letter having been put through a letterbox.

But a spokesperson has now said that a fresh wave of threats has been received in recent days, with the messages both intimidating and significant in number.

"These have been referred to the PSNI," the spokesperson confirmed.

Belfast City Council also stated on Tuesday that re-homing is not an option for Lennox, as the dog has been found to be dangerous and unpredictable.

"The dog is now the subject of an Order by the courts," the spokesperson said.

"It would be reckless and irresponsible in this particular case for the council to simply move the dog to some other place where it would pose the same danger to others."

A number of offers to re-home Lennox have been made, including by celebrity dog expert Victoria Stilwell.

The council acknowledged the "good will" on the part of those trying to save the dog, but said it had a duty "which it performs reluctantly" to ensure public safety.

A 28-day deadline for any intervention or further appeal runs out at midnight on Tuesday and, with the council ruling out re-homing, it looks almost certain that Lennox will be put to sleep.

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Mike Bravo in Belfast wrote (933 days ago):
Why is this page full of plastic paddies?
Alicia in Wa wrote (933 days ago):
You people are heartless, any dog can be aggressive If you are going to "TRY" kill every pit bull why not kill every breed?? It's not the breed it is the owners who make them aggressive and attack people.. Get it through your heads!!!
Ann McPhie in North East Scotland wrote (933 days ago):
Regarding Lennox.....has anyone at BCC looked at the recent pictures of this ' Dog Warden ' with Lennox? He certainly does not look intimidating in any way at all in those ? and she is lapping up the attention given by Lennox........please please release him to the care of Victoria Stillwell....please! She works wonders with dogs? Me and millions of others implore you ? This dog has a right to live! It has done nothing to anyone apart from be born into the wrong breed your eyes ......please do not MURDER him thats what it will be ........not there is nothing wrong with the poor dog ! Please do ot murder him just becasue of his breed......please!
bobby YNWA 96 in larne wrote (933 days ago):
Vent all your anger at belfast city council by sending them complaints. Overload the administration. It is your right to complain. Don't send a complaint with many issues, send loads of seperate complaints.
N in Belfast wrote (933 days ago):
The council are wrong and they know it! I do not condone threat to human life and these threats to the staff are wrong but I don't believe for one second that this dog cannot be trained to behave. Is it not the owners fault for the dog being like this perhaps .. are you going to put that person down too? Because most cases where dogs have snapped it's because their owners have made them like that. I have seen these dogs when brought up normally and they are the most affectionate wee things ever. Great with kids too! Can they not instead try to find somewhere he can stay, train him to be a good dog instead of taking such drastic action? There is no such thing as a dangerous dog ... it's irresponsible dangerous owners!!
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