Council backs u-turn on Bible play

Published Monday, 27 January 2014
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Newtownabbey Borough Council has accepted a u-turn decision that will see the Reduced Shakespeare Company's controversial play about the Bible go ahead later this week.

Council backs u-turn on Bible play
Local Christian David Cinnamond pictured before the council meeting. (© Presseye)

The comedy show entitled The Bible: The complete Word of God (abridged) will be performed at the council-run Theatre at the Mill in the town on Wednesday and Thursday.

It comes after it was initially axed amid claims from unionist councillors that it was "anti-Christian".

Last week, DUP Councillor Robert Hill said members of the public had called for the ban as the play was "offensive".

But following meetings of the Artistic Board and the Council on Monday night, it seems the show will go on.

The Artistic Board decided to reverse its initial decision to cancel the play.

The matter then went to the council.

"At the monthly Council meeting tonight, members were informed that the Artistic Board had met earlier that evening and had decided to reinstate the show as previously scheduled," a statement from the council said.

"The Council decided to note the Board's decision and to undertake a review of the Artistic Board's governance arrangements."

During the meeting, DUP representatives said its members did not vote to ban the play and that this was a decision made by the council's Artistic Board.

Ulster Unionist Councillor John Scott added that the original decision to cancel the play was a PR disaster for Newtownabbey council.

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Ryan in An Dun wrote (357 days ago):
@lucifer in stitches. Your name says it all but I accept other people desicions to believe what they want. I don't know if your where given the name lucifer at birth or it's your alias on the comments page. I have many Protestant and Muslim friends. They might not agree with my view but they are friends. The political situation that you talk about in stormount and Westminster is when religion and politics mix. I am a Roman Catholic and proud to be one. I practice my religion. I'm not a bible basher. I am not going on what "people have told me" but what I believe by practicing my religion in the best way I see fit. If I can help people I will but I didn't mean to come over as saying you should believe in something. So if you don't believe in anything after this earth then that's your decision and as you say yourself you will "find your own way there". When you say things like "mythical characters in their "holy book"" and "The fiery language of centuries ago, accusations of "blasphmey", etc. Deluded fools the lot of them." Now to me that is showing disrespect for my beliefs. What I believe in is my choice just as what you believe is yours. These people against this play being shown don't speak for everyone. From your first comment I took from that, that you just hate what you don't understand. But if you are commenting on this story about peoples censorship I would advise a little common sense and having a bit of respect for others and their beliefs instead putting down their beliefs. Have a nice day and hope you find what you looking for.
Laura in Belfast wrote (364 days ago):
Observer, online. If you bothered to look at all the events leading to this you will discover that the DUP caused this entire debacle. The artistic board's plan shows at the theatre was brought to councillors in Newtownabbey in November 2013. NONE of the councillors raised objections or issues then, which would have been the more appropriate time. Not even the DUP councillor who brought the motion and who sits on the artistic board. Surely she must have agreed to bring the play to Newtownabbey, or maybe she skipped that meeting. Then a DUP councillor brought a motion before the council that this play be canceled, they even called into question the Artistic Board's ability. The cancelling of the show by the council would have left the Artistic Board with serious problems, how would they be able to make decisions in the future. Had the DUP councillor attended the meetings deciding on the shows for the coming season, then perhaps she wouldn't have caused all the uproar of the last week.
David in East Belfast wrote (364 days ago):
@ Ryan - Luke chapter 16 verses 19 to 31. The Lord Jesus Christ told of this man who died and remembered his family.
Larry in Belfast wrote (364 days ago):
@ Peter and Jim - You may not like what the Bible teaches, nor me for trying to warn you of your dangerous position, but I guarantee that it will be in your mind now whether you believe in it or not. God's word is good like that, it won't leave you alone just because you don't like it. You can 'judge' this for yourself.
Lucifer in Stitches wrote (365 days ago):
@ Ryan in An Dun. No. Whilst i can appreciate the blinkered mentality of the brainwashed cultists who seem to think that religion is the be-all and end-all of everything, I am happily getting on in the real world. i am certainly not lonely, as I have two amazing children and the best partner a man could wish for, as well as many intelligent, accepting, generous and loving friends. No. Loneliness is most certainly not an aspect of my life. I do not have a hatred of religion. I explicitly stated that people are free to believe whatever they chose. I, as an intelligent, evolved human, have decided (a personal choice) that religion is not for me. If there is a god/goddess/pantheon, I shall find my own way there. I am not so pathetic to feel that I must cravenly accept what other humans have told me what is right, nor what is to be believed. The scourge that is "organised religion" is responsible for most of the ills in the world, doubly so when combined with the powers of state.Just look at this sordid little statelet we live in, and the intellectual amoeba we have mis-ruling in Stormont/Westminister, and the pathetic sectarian "whataboutery" we have as "politics" to see how inept and ill-equiped religion is for the modern world. And it is in the vested interests of all our "holy men/women" that this remains so. No.Organised Religion is not for me. For I am capable of independent, rational thought. Still. Good luck with your beliefs.I hope they work out for you. And thank you for your pity. It is most assuredly not needed. But thank you anyway, sir.
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