Cody accused pair 'told lie after lie'

Cody accused pair 'told lie after lie'

Two men standing trial over the death of a family pet who was set on fire in Maghaberry village two years ago have been accused of "telling lie after lie" about their whereabouts on the morning the dog was attacked.

Cody the collie, who was owned by the Agnew family, had flammable liquid poured over her which was then set alight, resulting in deep burns.She made her way back home after the attack - which occurred on the morning of Sunday 26 August 2012 - but had to be put to sleep a fortnight later due to the severity of her injuries.Andrew Richard Stewart from Wellington Parks in Moira and Jamie Downey from Chestnut Hall Avenue in Moira are both accused of causing unnecessary suffering to Cody.The pair, who are both 23, deny the charge and are standing trial at Belfast Crown Court.As the case against Stewart and Downey was opened on Wednesday, members of the jury were told they will hear from several witnesses who placed them within what the prosecution described as a "timetable of events" related to the Sunday morning in question.The jury also heard both accused made the case when arrested that they were at a house party which they left at 7am before making their way home where they went to their beds.Saying both Stewart and Downey's version of events were untrue, the prosecutor said it was the Crown's case that "these two accused did a circuit around Maghaberry. They had been at a party, they were perhaps walking off the effects of that or finishing their carry out."The prosecutor also said that after making their way past the Agnew household, Stewart and Downey "for some reason ... poured some flammable liquid over the dog and set her alight."They are each responsible together for that."


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