City Hall rally for Nigerian girls

City Hall rally for Nigerian girls

A rally has been held at Belfast City Hall to show solidarity with the Nigerian children who were kidnapped by a militant group four weeks ago.

The UK government, along with other countries, has offered assistance to the Nigerians to help find more than 200 girls who were taken away by Boko Haram in northern Nigeria.Those at Saturday's rally want people here to show support for the Bring Back Our Girls Campaign.Dorcas Obikoya, from the Nigerian Association Northern Ireland, said: "Two hundred girls were kidnapped in Nigeria and it is a sad situation - we feel for their parents. It is over four weeks now that the girls have been kidnapped so we wonder why they are not being released."We are appealing to the government of Nigeria, as Nigerians here in Northern Ireland and friends of Nigeria, for the government to look into it and free these girls now."


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