Cars destroyed in Belfast arson attack

Published Saturday, 02 February 2013
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Four cars have been completely destroyed in an arson attack in north Belfast.

Cars destroyed in Belfast arson attack
One of the cars whch was burnt out in the attack in north Belfast. (© UTV)

The incident, which happened in the Deerpark Road area, was reported to police shortly before 2am on Saturday.

The Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service attended the scene and extinguished the fires, but the cars were unable to be salvaged.

One of the owners told UTV it isn't the first time such an attack has been carried out.

"It's happening frequently," he said.

"Several times a year, there is huge vandalism - cars being trashed, wing mirrors being smashed, acid being put on cars ..."

Investigating officers are appealing for information from anyone who noticed suspicious activity in the area.

© UTV News
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disillusioned in north belfast wrote (722 days ago):
@ Niall & Sandy. Firstly Niall, I suspect you may be jumping to conclusions that this was a sectarian attack and I believe such premature speculation to be particularly damaging especially given the current climate. On another note, I have every sympathy. My own street has seen attacks of this kind and it is very distressing to say the least, but the perpetrators were local thugs just intent on causing mayhem - nothing sectarian about it.
lucylou in belfast wrote (723 days ago):
SANDY RESIDENT IN DEERPARK.=== When I stated in my comment I lived in an interface area it was for information and not to suggest that where you live was likewise.It is merely the reason for attacks where I live validated by the verbal abuse that accompanies them.I hope what happened in your area was a moronic action carried out by morons with bigotry not a motivator and so hopefully a one off incident and you are right in not assuming who did this or why. That can only be determined when [hopefully] the perpetrators are caught.
lucylou in belfast wrote (723 days ago):
NIALL IN BELFAST===I commented to make the point that all such behaviour is dispicible. wether living in an 'interface' area or not. Though interface areas are more likely to suffer because of their geography as the assailants feel sure they are hitting the right 'target'.Could not agree more about ALL who do this being BGOTS AND MORONS.
fairness in interface wrote (723 days ago):
niall thats the way it goes im from an interface in east belfast we get attacked by shortstrand all the time your lucky utv cameras dont visit us when our cars get it
sandy in deerpark belfast wrote (724 days ago):
I am a resident of this street and i am absoulotly disgusted by the comments of the above.There is no such attacks like houses being paintbombed,acid on cars etc.I totally condemn the burning of these cars but these cars are NOT near the junction of the protestant area beside deerpark as there many cars before these ones on the street.A message for the above comments,deerpark isnt a interface area its a quiet mixed area so please do not cause tensions by remarks like above from both people cause these will only create trouble.from a resident at the deerpark junction.utv please print to get a sensible and truthful opinion.thanks
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