Alert ongoing near Irish border

Published Thursday, 26 April 2012
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A security alert is ongoing in Newry, close to the Irish border.

Alert ongoing near Irish border
The area has been cordoned off. (© UTV)

A suspicious vehicle was reported at the Fathom Line on Thursday evening.

The Fathom Line has been closed at its junction with Drumalane Road and the border and motorists have been advised to avoid the area if possible.

A statement from the PSNI said: "The public are advised that if they come across anything suspicious in the area, not to touch it but to report it to police immediately."

Local MLA Dominic Bradley has condemned those behind the alert.

"This is a very worrying development which has caused great disruption to people who use this road and local residents," the SDLP representative said.

"This is a very peaceful area and any attempt to destruct or harm people here is utterly contemptible.

"I strongly urge anyone with information about this device to pass it onto the police urgently."

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Realist in England wrote (1,008 days ago):
Stephen - I think it is fair to say that most (but not all) Newry people would disagree with bombings. Quite a lot more would have supported them when the Provos were doing it though. I never understood why they had such a thing for taking out the Dublin-Belfast train line. As you say, destroying Ireland is a fairly bizarre liberation strategy. Still - does it say anywhere on here that there was a bomb? Or, if there was a bomb, does it say who put it there? To me, being a republican is about believing that all people are inherently equal and have the right to expect equal opportunities irrespective of creed, colour or who their parents were. No more, no less. Whether or not someone shares that view is a personal matter. It is not your place to arbitrarily decide for them. I guess you were talking about the so-called 'dissidents' when you wrote that. If I were to compile a list of valid criticisms of those guys, it would be quite long but questioning their republicanism would not be on it. Also, you claim that they are thugs. Another emotive and stupid claim. Think - how many thugs do you know with the capacity and desire to make van bombs (if that is what this turns out to be)? I've seen thugs out smashing things up everywhere I've ever lived. Most use their bodies or nearby objects. Some more organised thugs have hammers and carry knives and stuff. I'm yet to see or even hear of thugs with large bombs, machine guns, etc. Neither do thugs tend to have clear political objectives nor be prepared to go on hunger strike for the cause of being able to smash things up and start random fights. I don't understand why people allow themselves to blindly quote MMG and others who were previously associated with this sort of stuff themselves. Shouting pathetic slogans like "you are not a republican, you are a thug", will not make them listen and will help no-one, not to mention the fact that is is clearly not correct anyway. For one thing, PSF wants to erase your memories and manipulate you into believing that it was good for the Provos to blow places up but bad for others to do it. It was either right or wrong for both of them to do it. You don't have to jump into bed with MMG to criticise those dudes, they leave themselves open on many fronts. I'd suggest concentrating on small but important points like the fact that bombs are indiscriminate weapons that risk unintended civilian casulties - I doubt the families of Omagh victims were comforted by the fact that their loved ones were killed unintentionally. Another point could be to argue over their flawed claims to legitimacy. To a republican, the Irish people of today must be as important as Irish people during the war of independence (the equality thing). The members of the second Dáil (including those who deligated their authority to the Provos or CIRA) and those who elected them would have wanted their great grandchildren to be free to make their own decisions and to change Irish laws as they saw fit. Given that point, why do they insist on exercising their right to wage war on behalf of the Irish people when most Irish people currently disapprove of their actions? I, for one, am always more willing to listen to and engage with someone who rationally debates points with me than someone who shouts dogmatic slogans and calls me stupid names.
John in Belfast wrote (1,008 days ago):
What Irish border are they talking about? The whole island is called 'Ireland'.
Steven in Newry wrote (1,008 days ago):
The people of Newry do not support you. You're not republicans, you're thugs. How exactly can we build a united Ireland when you keep bombing the very infrastructure needed to make it work?! Idiots!
Brian in Newry wrote (1,009 days ago):
Yet again those with nothing constructive to offer, interfere with the day to day routine of ordinary citizens of the country. They have neither mandate nor support from the majority of people on this island, and must be persuaded to use democracy and not violence.
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