Car bomb found in north Belfast

Published Saturday, 28 April 2012
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A bomb has been found under a parked car in north Belfast.

Car bomb found in north Belfast
The scene of the bomb discovery in north Belfast. (© UTV)

Police believe it was left at Ballygomartin Road by dissident republicans.

About 80 people were evacuated from their homes for several hours during the security alert, which began at 11pm on Friday and ended around 4am on Saturday.

Chief Inspector Ian Campbell said those responsible "have shown callous disregard for members of the public."

He said:"The finger of suspicion points towards dissident republican terrorists and I appeal to anyone with information to come forward to police."

Alban Maginness, SDLP MLA for North Belfast, has expressed his anger at what he described as the "cowardly and reckless actions "of dissident Republicans.

"This is an extremely sinister development which has greatly angered local people."

He accused those responsible of attempting to "intimidate and cause distress" within the community.

"Ballygomartin is a densely populated, residential area and it is extremely fortunate that no one has been injured or killed here."

Mr Maginness, who is the party's justice spokesperson, said: "I strongly appeal to anyone with information about this incident to pass it onto the police immediately."

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joe90 in belfast wrote (1,004 days ago):
i fully deplore the actions of these bombers. i do not care who the target was or why but to put this bomb in a car in a densly populated area is moronic. also, as far as i know and in all electoral boundries, this area of ballygomartin is west belfast and not north belfast. the area known as north belfast gets a heck of a lot of bad press and subsequently house prices continue to decrease. north belfast getting credit for bad events that happen in other parts of the city do not help. please rectify. note to utv: you may wish to place the 2 comments seperatly if you wish but please pass on my second comment to the news editor. thanks.
Gerald in West Belfast wrote (1,006 days ago):
I don't know how this could be justified. But I do know one thing for sure. The more they bomb and shoot the less likely the unionist population will agree to any sort reunification. Sad but true.
Realist in Englan wrote (1,006 days ago):
Can someone try to justify this for me please? I accept that they would have considered the owner of the car to be what they would term a 'legitimate target' for some reason or other, but I fail to see what benefit they could expect to get from doing this. Republicans recklessly placing bombs in populated Unionist areas is clearly not going to increase cross-community support for reunification. Not improving the situation is a best case scenario - if they had killed anyone (especially some random locals) they could have set off a chain reaction that, ultimately, could have brought misery to the nationalist community too. To me, such actions are strategically idiotic, tactically reckless, morally wrong and ultimately counter-productive.
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