Calls for calm before internment rally

Published Thursday, 08 August 2013
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Members of the DUP have met with the PSNI to discuss the policing of an anti internment parade through Belfast city centre.

Calls for calm before internment rally
The parade will pass through city centre. (© Smarts PR)

Five thousand people and five bands are expected to join in the Anti Internment League event on Friday, after it was given the go-ahead by the Parades Commission.

Organisers have appealed for calm ahead of the event.

Dee Fennell said: "This is a parade over a human rights issue, not a republican parade and certainly not a dissident republican parade.

"People who think this is going to be some of dissident republican parade, or have people standing espousing views from illegal organisations, couldn't be further from the truth."

The parade begins at Ardoyne Avenue before moving along the Oldpark Road, Rosapenna Street, the Cliftonville Road, through the New Lodge and into the city centre. It will then pass Royal Avenue, head up Castle Street and along the Falls Road to Andersonstown.

Two loyalists residents groups have been granted permission to stage a counter protest - involving an estimated 300 people - at Royal Avenue.

A further four protests are planned by other Protestant organisations including No 2 District Loyal Orange Lodge, and aim to attract a further 600 demonstrators.

They have been given the go-ahead by the Parades Commission, but with restrictions on the numbers of supporters to be allowed.

A delegation from the DUP spoke to Assistant Chief Constable George Hamilton on Thursday to discuss the policing of the march.

Speaking afterwards, Nelson McCausland MLA said it would be an "affront to decency" if the parade is allowed to pass, but hopes the evening will be peaceful.

He added: "On Friday night in Belfast we have dissident republicans taking to the street.

"If it does go ahead - I think it is an affront to decency and will appall decent people right across this province, and we believe the Chief Constable should look very carefully at the matter and recommend that this parade should not take place."

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Eamo in Belfast wrote (539 days ago):
To Observer are you forgetting the UDA UVF scum who also murdered innocent people just because they were catholic or associated with catholics. You must not forget the ones who killed first and started the troubles or who burnt Nationalists out if their homes.
Confused in NI in Belfast wrote (541 days ago):
@sam1690 you stated and I quote `many loyalists were also interned` what version of history are you reading? Nelson McCausland`s guide to the history of NI? FACT 1874 Roman Catholics were interned, of which approx 30 were IRA members. FACT 107 Protestants were interned Do you see the disparity in the numbers???
william in belfast wrote (541 days ago):
@realist... before you start calling people illiterate fools im going to give u a lesson in geographical knowledge of belfast city centre...part of royal avenue before making its way up castle Street???? royal ave finishes at primark which is funnily enough at Castle street so it is in fact walking the whole of royal avenue. ..regardless of were its walking. ..its a dissident republican parade end of and shouldn't be allowed
show respect in upper shankill wrote (541 days ago):
@Gary,im a protestant and you say the PC should stop this parade because its bein held by people who murder,well the UVF are still murdering people and intimidating people yet they parade lots of times throughout the year so the same must apply the them?....the only way forward is to respect each other,your not asked to support or even like it just respect others view only then will we all have a shared FUTURE....the CITY CENTRE belongs to everyone in this city LIVE AND LET LIVE
hello in Belfast wrote (541 days ago):
@Eamonn, so the orange order do not go where they are not wanted. Pity Martin Miller didn't listen to that advice before he appeared where he wasn't wanted.
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