Call for rethink on hunger strike parade

Published Tuesday, 29 July 2014
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A victims group is calling for Sinn Féin to re-think plans for a hunger strike commemoration march in Co Fermanagh scheduled to take place this weekend.

The village of Derrylin witnessed several IRA killings during the Troubles and there is concern that the march will cause widespread offence.

Sinn Féin, however, have said the event - which is expected to attract thousands of people - will be dignified.

The South East Fermanagh Foundation, which represents victims, met with the Parades Commission on Tuesday to discuss its determination.

Kenny Donaldson is from the group, he said: "There is a great deal of concern among families of the bereaved in the Derrylin community and also the law abiding community.

"The event will amount to a glorification of terrorism and people are very exercised that, in an area that has suffered greatly over the years during the Troubles, this type of event should come to their doorstep."

He added: "Glorification of terror fests are systemic right across society and they are not right.

"The justification of weaponry and terror in the past needs to be addressed. People use it to 'land one' as they would see it on the other side.

"It is brutal and it is inhumane.

"It will take both the British and Irish governments to act because there is a real danger for our future generations and a real threat to sustainable peace.

"This issue can't be dodged any longer, there needs to be action."

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Dee in Newtownabbey wrote (183 days ago):
John in Armagh those who have a jaundiced view and interpretation of history like to trot out the myth that you repeated that it was those evil Sinn Feiners who forced the hunger strikers to die. For heaven's Bobby Sands' feelings on the matter are a matter of public record. This info is in the public domain. At least take 30 seconds of your time before posting to do a bit of research. You just look and sound foolish otherwise. Before anyone died Sands was adamant that he would go to his death, and was more than prepared to do so, in his efforts to get the British to restore political status. This was his decision and his decision alone. He was determined, committed and of sound mind to follow that through to the end. The only miscalculation that he made was that he felt it would maybe take his death and possibly one other to force Thatcher's hand, and not the 10 deaths which ultimately unfolded. I know you and others will stubbornly refuse to believe this regardless of what evidence is presented to you. You will just continue to trot out the usual nonsense that self-validates the partisan opinions you have of SF and republicans in general. You and others like you can continue to peddle myths whilst the rest of us, safe in our knowledge of history and our power of re-call, will refuse to resort to lies to shore up and justify our very questionable motives.
Dorothy in Kansas wrote (184 days ago):
@John in Co,Armagh… I wouldn’t necessarily agree that the Hunger Strikers were sacrificed to aid Sinn Fein at the polls, though there was of course a political element to it, which those of us who were around at the time knew quite well, as did the Hunger Strikers themselves. However, if the Hunger Strike did aid Sinn Fein at the polls and that enabled the political wing of Republicanism to gain the upper hand over the IRA and eventually bring about the Ceasefire and the Good Friday Agreement, then I think we can say that the Hunger Strikers did not die in vain.
Belfast in Belfast wrote (184 days ago):
john in armagh, you should maybe go and learn your history. Sinn Fein didn't contest elections at that time. Also they were against the hungersrtike, it was the prisoners' decision and their's alone.
Michael in Belfast wrote (184 days ago):
@Biil in somwhere so the Brian Robertson (UVF) Memorial parade or the Coleraine UVF memorial parade dont happen every year in the lala land you live in.
John in Co,Armagh wrote (185 days ago):
Sacrificial lambs is the words that come to mind, do republicans really think that Sinn Fein and the IRA leadership at the time gave a dam about them, they where sacrificed to aid Sinn Fein at the polls.
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