Brooks rejects compromise offer

Published Thursday, 10 July 2014
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Garth Brooks has said a compromise offer of two matinee shows and three night-time concerts "cannot possibly compare" to the original five night Croke Park run.

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The country star was responding to an offer from Dublin City Council to stage all five shows over three days and has effectively sounded the death knell on his shows taking place.

His publicist Nancy Seltzer said: "To treat 160,000 people differently than all the rest who will be seeing the show the way it was meant and created is wrong.

"He does not understand why it is once again put upon him to treat people less than they deserve to be treated and he still returns to why did they allow five shows to be sold and all these people to be disappointed.

"It is not his decision; it is, with the greatest of respect, the city council's."

I will do whatever it takes, except cancelling on people

Garth Brooks

Following tense behind-the-scenes talks between promoters Aiken and Dublin city planners a compromise deal was on the table to resolve what has become a major dent in the singer's comeback plans.

Brooks had sold 400,000 tickets for his five Croke Park shows later this month, however, the council only approved a licence for three forcing the show's organisers to decide.

However, the If Tomorrow Never Comes singer said choosing one would be like choosing a child and it was "all or nothing".

Earlier on Thursday, Brooks offered to "crawl, swim or fly" to Ireland this weekend and beg the Taoiseach if it would mean all five of the shows would go ahead.

The singer said the past 10 days had put a dark cloud over his announcement of a record deal with Sony on Thursday.

Discussing the cancellation of all five shows, the country star said: "I never saw it coming."

"It's a simple yes, you can make 400,000 people happy."

During the conference, Brooks ruled out matinee performances as a solution as he "didn't want to do half-a**ed shows" for his fans and the logistics of his show, which includes a 255ft-wide video screen, would not work.

I will swim, crawl, fly and drop down on my knees and beg the Prime Minister to let the shows go ahead.

Garth Brooks

In January, Brooks announced his return to the venue after 17 years for two gigs, but huge demand for tickets meant three extra dates were added.

He explained: "I went there to announce the shows and was treated like a king.

"Then, when the tickets went on sale, Peter Aiken called to say he had 100,000 people looking for tickets.

"And I asked was it 100,000 tickets or 100,000 people and he said tickets meaning 400,000 people and I was shocked.

"Then I was told three shows are ok, but you can't have two. So what do I do about 160,000 people?

"People know my shows, we don't do gold or silver tickets, we treat everyone the same.

"I don't have a clue where we go from here.

"It's a simple yes - open it up for five nights and then decide how to work it after so this doesn't happen again.

"No matter how sad the people of Ireland are, they are not one billionth as sad as I am."

"Don't sell a show, get people's hopes up and then cancel it."

On Tuesday, concert promoters Aiken announced that all five shows would not go ahead after Dublin City Council would only approve licencing for three of the Croke Park concerts.

The crux of the issue involved the deal with planners to allow the redevelopment of the GAA's headquarters in the 1990s - it limited the numbers of concerts at the venue to three a year, a figure already reached when One Direction played to tens of thousands of fans earlier in the summer.

Some residents around the stadium in north inner city Dublin remain concerned about road closures and anti-social behaviour which large crowds of music fans could bring.

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jay in derry wrote (199 days ago):
clare in lisburn naw he wont go back to USA he wants to come but he cant do 5 concerts in 3 days thats far to much he loves the Irish and we the Irish love him hope something is sorted
in Ireland wrote (199 days ago):
lisburn in lisburn have some respect so many people out there give money for tickets and now it might not go ahead and this is a big problem for Ireland i hope they can sort something
Mary in Dungannon wrote (199 days ago):
I don't understand this? Aikin Promotions have staged countless events, so you would think they would know the procedures involved? Now,I'm thinking logically here, so anyone who knows different, please feel free to tell me:-) 1st: Gareth Brooks is approached by Aiken, or vice versa? 2nd: Aiken contacts Dublin Council, asks for TWO Concert approvals, which are approved. Now, I would have thought that the council would then have to notify the Garda...a huge amount of security would be needed. They would also have to notify the residents who would be affected by the masses of people who would be ascending on them! So, tickets go on sale. Everything then got very confusing, to say the least! HOW did Aiken Promotions then decide to have THREE more concerts...WITHOUT the needed Council and various other parties approval that they HAD to have in place for the original TWO concerts????!!
kev in belfast wrote (199 days ago):
as much as i would love to see him as his music is brilliant he is just right in wat he believes all five or nothing he is a man off the people. hopefully there is an agreement made
Lisburn in Lisburn wrote (199 days ago):
Seriously move on! Sick listening about this egotistic douche bag! More important things happening in the world than this manure!
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