Boys charged over flag clashes

Published Sunday, 09 December 2012
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Three teenage boys have been charged after violence broke out in Newtownabbey on Saturday evening.

Boys charged over flag clashes
Police made the arrests following disorder in Newtownabbey. (© UTV)

A police spokesman said the boys, two aged 13 and one 14-year-old, were arrested following disorder in the O'Neill Road area.

They are facing charges including riot, riotous behaviour and criminal damage.

On Saturday evening, police said they were dealing with "minor disorder" and set up diversions in the area.

The boys are due to appear at Belfast Youth Court on Monday.

The clashes follow a protest in Belfast city centre against the council's decision to restrict the flying of the Union flag from the city hall.

Meanwhile a 14-year-old boy has been charged with public order offences after disorder broke out in Belfast on Saturday. He is due to appear at Belfast Youth Court on Monday

A 17-year-old boy has also been charged over the same incident and is due to appear at court next month.

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x pat in south africa wrote (778 days ago):
hey eoin or is it Ian ? before you start frothing at the mouth and doing number manipulations to suit your own twisted agenda, try digesting the latest census figures which shows 28 % of the population identified themselves as Irish versus 48 % British, so better wind that clock of yours up very tightly for your nationalist majority is a long way of ,tick,tock,tick,tock Quote : The NI Statistics and Research Agency shows 29% of people included Northern Irish, while 28% included Irish, while 48% labelled themselves British.
Claire in Belfast wrote (779 days ago):
I thought these comments were all moderated by UTV before being posted???? So who in UTV passed the one from Eoin? That's the sort of nonsense that most of us want to get away from and there he is trying to make people who are already angry about the situation even more angry. I have friends and work with people of both religions/beliefs and most of us non-sectarian citizens are in agreement that no-one wants things to go back to how they used to be but yet its ok for people to post things like that, I'm all for people having their own opinions and voicing it but when you're talking utter rubbish to try to aggrevate people even more the best thing you can do is keep it to yourself. I must say, Eoin's comment is in very bad taste (tip for Eoin....spellcheck!)If this doesnt get posted by UTV I will most certainly be making a complaint to their CEO
Paul in Newtonabbey wrote (779 days ago):
Liz - rioters trying to get rid of Police from the streets? What an absurd view of the situation. What next, rat catchers being pursued by rats? If the PSNI weren't there to keep these thugs in check then they would run riot (literally) and destroy, burn, break, steal and generally cause havoc. The PSNI were restrained. Too restrained. Anywhere else in the world this type of mob rule would not be tolerated. The Police would baton charge, beat, arrest and take no crap from these fine upstanding citizens. Time for the Police and the courts to get tough on these morons, no matter what cause they claim to represent, and put them where they belong - behind bars. Well done the PSNI for doing a very tough job with two hands and a leg tier behind their back.
Mt in Co Antrim wrote (780 days ago):
Maybe if parents took an interest in their children and taught them right from wrong, these kids wouldnt be growing uo with criminal records... Where did they honestly think when their kids were going to when they went out for the night?? Why does it always end up the Police's fault????
Anon in Belfast wrote (780 days ago):
Yes of course it is all the nasty police' s fault, they are responsible for the great unwashed rising up in a lukewarm revolt that any employed tax payer would be too busy to contemplate getting involved in. Maybe if so called parents could exercise some control and parenting skills over their feral off spring the world maybe a better place and the decent inhabitants of these loyalist areas could get on with their lives. Once again the decent hard working majority are held to ransom by the dregs of society who are intent on wrecking their own areas whilst holding their hand out for the next payout
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