Boat race resumes after lough rescue

Boat race resumes after lough rescue

Sailing is back underway at East Down Yacht Club after more than a dozen small boats capsized during a competition on Monday afternoon.

Strong winds caused a number of dinghies to overturn on Strangford Lough during the GP14 World Championship, sparking a major rescue operation.However everyone made it safely back to land with no serious injuries. Adrianne Bolton, who suffered a minor injury to her wrist, told UTV she was impressed by the speed and scale of the overall emergency response. The sailor said: "It was all run so smoothly. We were straight in off the boat and the coastguard met us at the slipway, a triage team was set up there and they got me dry and warm."They checked out the injury then I was in an ambulance and off to hospital."Everyone was back in their boats on Tuesday with some lost time to make up. Jay Colville from the yacht club said they'll be looking forward to adding an extra race. He continued: "We had a great race yesterday, a very high quality race with conditions that were exciting and challenging - but that is what the world championship is all about."We're making sure we keep the safety margins well under control. We will probably get another race in somewhere because we lost one yesterday so we have that to look forward to."


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