Blair 'may give OTRs evidence'

Published Sunday, 13 July 2014
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Former prime minister Tony Blair could be called before the parliamentary inquiry into 'on-the-run' letters, it has been reported.

Blair 'may give OTRs evidence'
Tony Blair has not yet appeared at the committee. (© Getty)

The move may be considered by MPs on the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

Mr Blair's government made the secret deal with Sinn Féin to assure republican fugitives that they were not wanted by the police in the UK. Around 200 letters were sent out.

The episode is now being investigated following the collapse of the case against 62-year-old Co Donegal man John Downey, who denies charges linked to the 1982 IRA Hyde Park bombing.

He had received a letter wrongly assuring him he was not wanted when, in fact, the Metropolitan Police were looking for him.

Tony Blair has not yet given evidence to the Westminster inquiry in person but his part in orchestrating the deal over the letters has come under increasing scrutiny.

Meanwhile the result of another inquiry into the 'on-the-run' letters is expected to be published by judge Lady Justice Heather Hallett later this week.

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Belfast in Belfast wrote (200 days ago):
All the deals behind closed doors should now be made public for all to see and here. There is a lot of mistrust from both sides and it needs to be cleared up once and for all
Confused in NI wrote (201 days ago):
I don't what to sound stupid but we all know that 200 of these letters were sent out to IRA members but where any sent out to other members of other groups, like people in higher power are acting shocked but I think the All knew about this deal and used it for each of there gains Tho saying that it's just a thought on my side
Ray in Belfast wrote (202 days ago):
The law abiding people of Ireland North and South and Great Britain were treated with total disrespect when the Blair Government and Sinn Fein colluded in their OTR scheme as part of a Peace at any price deal to let terrorists off the hook. The whole sorry episode stinks as it was done behind our backs and has left a legacy of deep mistrust. Shame on everyone involved in this and a plague on all your houses
Ulster in Ulstet wrote (202 days ago):
He sold the pul a pup and should be pulled on his actions
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