Black parade 'disrespectful' - Ní Chuilín

Published Saturday, 31 August 2013
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Sinn Féin MLA Carál Ní Chuilín has said a Royal Black feeder Parade in Belfast "showed total disrespect" as it passed a Catholic Church while Mass was taking place.

Black parade 'disrespectful' - Ní Chuilín
The MLAs claim the parade breached parades rulings in north Belfast. (© Presseye)

The North Belfast MLA as well as local SDLP MLA Alban Maginness said the return parade had breached a Parades Commission determination by "deliberately" passing St Patrick's Church an hour late on Saturday evening.

Ms Ní Chuilín said it was "long past time that the loyal orders got into a genuine dialogue with nationalist residents".

"I am fed up hearing about Loyal Orders being religious organisations celebrating culture, when in reality what was on show today was an exercise in sectarian coat trailing through a Nationalist area," she said.

"Today a member of the Royal Black Institution spat upon a protestor and on the way home they waited until Mass had started before returning past St Patrick's Church."

Ms Ní Chuilín said she would be in contact with the Parades Commission about the incident.

Earlier in east Belfast an outward parade is understood to have passed the Short Strand interface peacefully.

Approximately 18,000 members of the Institution, from 400 preceptories, took part in the Preceptory parades in Banbridge, Ballymoney, Newtownards, Dungannon, Castlederg and Ballyronan.

Over 100 bands participated in the biggest demonstration in Banbridge.

Sovereign Grand Master Millar Farr spoke at the Ballyronan parade where the south Londonderry chapter were marking their centenary.

He explained that the focal points for all demonstrations of the Royal Black Institution are the "platform proceedings, firstly our Service of Worship and then our Resolutions on Faith, Loyalty and the Constitution".

Mr Farr said the institution had members in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Togo and Ghana as well as England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

"All our members, irrespective of where they reside, are law abiding citizens of that particular country," he said.

"Those of us who reside in the United Kingdom regard ourselves as British and are proud to do so.

"We as loyal subjects of Her Majesty cherish the many freedoms which our democracy provides for us. One of these freedoms is the right to identify with the flag of the Nation to which we profess our allegiance."

Mr Farr asked fellow members to support efforts to resist the on-going "attack" on their identity following the restriction on the flying of the Union flag at Belfast City Hall.

He added: "Today we publicly state we are British and will do everything possible, in a lawful manner, to ensure we continue to live a peaceful and prosperous life under the Union Flag, and we encourage all our Sir Knights and friends within the Commonwealth to support us in our stand."

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Padraig in Belfast wrote (514 days ago):
Trying for the 2nd time, Tommy Atkins was right. The only time the o/o was banned was during WW2. This was done by the U.U government in stormont and that was because they were embarrassed by the number of able bodied men of service age parading their loyalty on the 12th in Belfast and not fighting at the front. Loyal to the crown? loyal to the half crown more like!
maggie in north west wrote (514 days ago):
Eamo. Yes there were a pira parade in Castlederg. And they can show strength. Men who were going to bomb and you judge the Royal Black the same as them. We need intergrated education now !!!If your Sinn Fein woman had any heart she would remember all the IRA victims who never saw justice when she sits with Sinn Fein . it is not ok to say they work for peace and trample over the feelings of their victims. is it ? same old same old story them and us.
Dave in Beal Feirste wrote (514 days ago):
Reading through these comments I despair. In this day and age in this country that so much intolerance, hatred and bigotry exist on both political poles is unbelievable. All normal people want to get on with their lives, earn a wage and better themselves. However it seems that Northern Ireland/ North Of Ireland and especially Belfast is slipping back into a black hole of hatred and intolerance. Were are our so called political leaders. They should be representing everyone and looking to solve the issues that really mater. Not these silly issues or marches and flags. Please we need some common sense to shine through before our children get caught up in this and are brainwashed as well
T in Down wrote (514 days ago):
Why do parades have to happen in public areas. Why can't all parades and display of associated colour's (flags banners etc) take place away in private areas where people can enjoy their own culture until the cows come home with causing any hurt to others.. This what happens with all other cultures, sports, music etc
Phil in Belfast wrote (514 days ago):
Dear frosty, you will find that brazil is in better shape than any country in Europe. Check ur facts, religion thankfully isn't connected to economic prosperity.
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