Apprentice Boys parade through Belfast

Published Monday, 21 April 2014
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The Apprentice Boys of Derry have begun this year's marching season with the first major parade through Belfast.

Apprentice Boys parade through Belfast
The Apprentice Boys paraded through east Belfast. (© Pacemaker)

The main Easter parade was held in the east of the city with hundreds of people lining the streets to welcome the marchers and bands.

An Act of Remembrance was conducted by Bro. Rev Alan Smylie at the Cenotaph at the offices of the Ulster Unionist Party on the Belmont Road.

Earlier, a feeder parade passed by St Patrick's Catholic Church on Belfast's Donegall Street.

In accordance with the Parades Commission's determination, a single drum beat played out as they passed the church.

Carrick Hill Concerned Residents held a counter-demonstration as the parade passed by.

Earlier nationalist residents protested at another feeder parade as it passed the Ardoyne shops in north Belfast.

The parades all passed off without major incident.

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lucylou in belfast wrote (249 days ago):
RYAN IN AN DUN===I mentioned your reply to Sam in particular because of your comment==' the list could go on'. I have not indicated whether I agree or not with anyone else's views; just the fact that everyone could make lists that are negative about those they perceive to be 'the other side' and that a list of positives might be more helpful for everyone. I think you could read my comment again and see what I actually think and not what you assume I may or may not think or agree/disagree with. ANYWAY= you can still have the aisle seat!!
Ryan in An Dun wrote (268 days ago):
@ Lucy, @ just sayin, @ 2+2. Well first of all it was sam who mentioned the anti Irish and anti British but you wouldn't see that Lucy you just pick wee bits and pieces. And yes Lucy you where right when you said "just read YOUR reply to sam". It seems Lucy you only seem to read my replies but not the original comments. Just take a wee look Lucy and tell me that there's nothing wrong with Sams comment and it's all in order. My point is that the loyal orders should educate their own members before educating the rest of the population as sam put it. It's the ignorance and pure hatred here in the north that makes it different from the free state. How many OO marches did you see on the news that took place in counties in the free state? Ross Kemp didn't bother going to them did he? You only have to look at the party political broadcasts to see who's pushing for equality. Every unionist mandate seems to mention "stopping Sinn Fein" and " stopping the republican shrine". Is that what it takes to get the unionist vote? Is this not bigotry? Sinn Fein talks of equality and peace building. Where in Sinn Fein or the SDLP political broadcasts does it mention stopping unionism? I will be spoiling my vote this election due to Sinn Feins stance on abortion. Unlike certain people my faith comes first and there isn't a party that represents me at the minute. It's not all black and white. Give me one good reason why anyone from the republican community would want to go and watch a burning tri colour? The singing of sectarian songs (BY CERTIN BANDS). Last year a statue was stolen from a Catholic Church and threw on a bonfire. You see that as the norm? Don't come on here on your high horses. You only had to look at the flag protests and OO actions at flash points how "some" members act. I'm not taring everyone with the same brush. The evidence is there for all to see how the OO acted last year. If that's put in the local media, what is the foreign media seeing? Roughly the same I'd say.
lucylou in belfast wrote (271 days ago):
Ryan in An Dun==Just read your reply to Sam. Ryan I wish people could see that their 'lists' of what's 'wrong' with the 'other' community is a big part of the problem here. I am sure that some protestants could give a list of all the things that catholics support that are anti protestant/ anti British blah,blah. If people would start making lists of what's 'right' with the 'other' community we might be able to make our way towards being ONE community. Surely, those would be lists worth taking the time to make? Liking people takes much less energy than hating them does.
2+2=not hard to work out in Ulster wrote (272 days ago):
@Ryan in An Dun Ask any of the Catholics who attend loyal order parades and you'll get your answer,they are not bigots who hang on sf's every word therefore it's not an issue for them.
just sayin in n iron wrote (272 days ago):
@Ryan Maybe you could take some time out and go to see a loyal order parade first hand and I don't mean at a sf created flashpoint area.You will find there is lot more that is good and enjoyable about parades than what sf, the media and press will tell you.Spend less time listening to sf and less time watching the news or reading the daily liar papers and you can't go wrong,unless of course your only happy when knowingly or unknowingly living your life according to sf policy (which is quite sad)by stereotyping people which causes anger and exploits both communities equally. Of course "all" nat/reps always have manners don't they? and never did anything to upset anyone did they?Of course the answer is "some" have no manners and go out of their way to upset people so it's six of one half dozen of the other but that's no excuse to try and tar all with the same brush.Always remember Gerry and Martins opinion counts for nothing when you realise you have the ability to formulate one of your own.
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