Adams 'peacemaker' mural appears

Published Friday, 02 May 2014
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A mural of Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams is being painted in west Belfast.

Adams 'peacemaker' mural appears
The mural is being painted in west Belfast. (© UTV)

It depicts Mr Adams against a black backdrop with the words "peacemaker, leader, visionary".

Work on the image along the Falls Road has been taking place on Friday afternoon while police continue to question the 65-year-old politician in connection with an IRA murder.

Jean McConville, a 37-year-old mother of 10, was abducted and killed in 1972.

Mr Adams, who denies any involvement and of being in the IRA, is being held at the Serious Crime Suite at Antrim PSNI station where he was arrested after presenting himself on Wednesday.

Police can question him until 8pm on Friday.

© UTV News
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you have to laugh in or you'll cry wrote (270 days ago):
@Daz in Belfast I should like to thank you for brightening up my day even more with your straight to the point and funny comment and as we all know dung always attracts flies.
bel in belfast wrote (270 days ago):
dub in dublin might surprise you that not everyone is happy to see killers walk free no matter what side of the divide there from
Dub in Dublin wrote (270 days ago):
Think the joke was on the loyalists with their flags outside Antrim prison looking like a bunch of thugs with faces covered sitting on the roadside. All this in front of the worlds media. The camera never lies.
Dee in Newtownabbey wrote (270 days ago):
@ Ronniebhoy - I share your sentiments totally. I'm reading the usual hysterical unionist vitriol. Adams is arguably the one single person most responsible for the peace we have. History will record him as such. I'm reading so much nonsense on this site, the general gist of it saying republicans started and were responsible for most of the trouble. Little bit of advice guys - go read a decent objective account of our troubles and you'll find loyalists killed the first civilians, killed the first policeman, triggered the first bombs and fired the first shots. Time you opened your eyes and stopped taking bar-room history lessons from wee Sammy down the local Rangers club.
.- -. --- -. -.-- -- --- ..- ... in ..- -. -.- -. --- .-- -. wrote (270 days ago):
this is going to annoy people on both sides, but lock up all people who killed during the troubles, police, IRA, UVF, PIRA, Army, the whole lot if not then just forget about the whole thing, as this constant fighting makes no sense, look at Kenya, it was the location of one of the worst genocides to ever occur not that long ago, yet now it is starting to develop again. how can then sort out their problems and yet we here who only had a small percentage of the deaths they had can still be arguing over EVERYTHING!!! if someone can provide me with a rational answer then I would be happy to hear it
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