Adams call for governments help in talks

Published Saturday, 21 June 2014
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Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has called for the British, Irish and American governments to get more involved in Northern Ireland affairs in order for agreement to be made on the contentious issues of the flags, parades and the past.

Adams call for governments help in talks
Gerry Adams has accused unionists of holding up the talks. (© Presseye)

The Louth TD was addressing the party's conference in Dublin which brought together all the successful local government and European election candidates for the first time since the elections in May.

In order for success in the upcoming talks on the three contentious issues, Mr Adams said there needed to be more engagement from the US, UK and Irish governments.

He said: "The Irish and British governments must become more engaged in upholding and fulfilling their obligations.

"We also need the continuing support of the US Administration, of political leaders on Capitol Hill and of Irish America."

Mr Adams also said he did not believe there was an "appetite for the challenge of dealing with the outstanding issues in any serious way" from unionists.

He added: "Sinn Féin demonstrated very clearly during the Haass negotiations our seriousness and determination to find a way forward.

"We made compromises during those talks.

"For any process aimed at resolving these issues to succeed unionist political leaders need to show a similar willingness. That has not been evident so far.

"Despite this, there does exist a window of opportunity to resolve the issues of flags, parades and the past.

"Sinn Féin will meet separately with Taoiseach Enda Kenny and British Prime Minister David Cameron in the next few weeks.

"Party leaders in the Executive have agreed an intensive round of talks and Sinn Féin is engaging positively in this process."

Following the failure of the Haass talks to reach agreement on the issues late last year, the five Executive parties are set to meet next week in order to address the matters in the first of two sessions to be held.

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realistic in planet earth wrote (219 days ago):
@Sam1690 in Ballysillan wrote: "I'd love to see the RoI government come clean over exactly what help/support/funding/arms did they supply to terrorists from partition to the present day."------------ I agree Sham, AND I'd like to see the UK government do the same... :)
Sensible Sam in Donegal wrote (219 days ago):
This is simple. The aim is to create a normal society and a profitable place where everyone will benefit. The problem is that for too many long long years the NI society was biased in the extreme and profitable only for a few behind the power of government. That lasted for too long and became the normal culture. Now to return to a normal society one sides culture is seen as being erroded while the other is seen an gaining when its just a simple shift back to a normal balanced socirty as seen in most western countries. Let it happen people becuse you are not profitable and that must change in todays society.
JJ in Belfast wrote (219 days ago):
@sam1690 Were you born in 1690 sounds like move on and change the record.
enough in NI wrote (220 days ago):
Enough.. Irish America..the Clinton's..Haas..other governments playing advisory roles ie Canada.. Irish Government reps .. British Government reps, have added loads of input..there is enough for the leaders who lead and expect to continue to, who are most familiar with this country and the people in it,elected from all parties who represent and sit in take from what has already been input..weigh things up,add their own input,to propose enough to satisfy ALL people in Northern Ireland..half of who are protestant..Sinn Fein has come a long way, but Gerry is greedy guts..more more more ..back off..fairs fair, this is not the republic, we have balance of two main parties in NI, with minorities finding voice..stop pushing,let elected leaders, here in NI, bring us peace and stability as promised for us.
harry Warwick in Greenisland wrote (220 days ago):
if it's a shared Future then why are they seen as contentious not sharing to much one way traffic as usual
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