Accused 'felt riot was a bit of fun'

Published Thursday, 25 July 2013
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A 27-year-old Belfast man charged with rioting and attacking police on the Woodvale Road on the Twelfth of July told detectives he joined in because he "felt it was a bit of fun".

Accused 'felt riot was a bit of fun'
Thousands of police officers took part in policing the Twelfth. (© Presseye)

Andrew Lundy from Ross Houses in the Mount Vernon estate appeared at Belfast Magistrate's Court accused of riotous assembly and attempting to cause grievous bodily harm to police officers who had stopped an Orange Order parade passing the Ardoyne area.

In total, 53 people have now been charged and 81 arrested in connection with disturbances the broke out during and after the march.

A prosecution lawyer on Thursday said that Lundy was seen climbing on top of a landrover and hitting out at police shields and throwing boulders and masonry at PSNI lines.

A police witness said up to 5,000 people were on the Woodvale Road and there was a heavy and sustained attack on police.

She said Lundy had been identified from CCTV footage and that he was involved in the trouble for over two hours.

After he was arrested, Lundy admitted he took part in the attacks, adding that it "felt like a bit of fun and that others were doing it".

The police witness objected to bail because of continuing tensions in the area and because Lundy had shown no remorse.

However a defence lawyer said Lundy had said he was sorry and that he had been stupid.

Refusing bail, District Judge Austin Kennedy said Lundy had shown a shocking attitude, adding: "The defendant said it was a bit of a laugh but the lives of police officers were put at risk".

He remanded Lundy in custody until 22 August.

At the same court, a 16-year-old youth wept uncontrollably as he appeared on a riotous assembly charge. The teenager, who can't be named for legal reasons, was said to have been seen throwing a number of missiles including fireworks and beer bottles at police on the Woodvale Road on the Twelfth.

He was remanded in custody to appear at a youth court on Monday.

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Tell the Truth in County Antrim wrote (548 days ago):
Why do most commentators come down on tribal lines here? If something is wrong, it's wrong, no matter what side of the divide you come from. Perhaps a better response from police would be to put more cameras in flashpoint areas. Inform those parading and those protesting that the police will pull out after warning that their behaviours will be monitored and then see what happens. People don't have to indulge in violent's a personal choice. Once that choice is made, then they will have to live with the consequences. But don't have ordinary police used as a human punch-bag for all sides to abuse. Cowards on both sides indulge in such behaviour.
Rab in Belfast wrote (549 days ago):
Why don't all rioters get the same treatment police seem to come down harder on protestants....
Eamo in Belfast wrote (551 days ago):
What someone not from the area why was he there? Or is only nationalists not allowed to have support.
lucylou in belfast wrote (551 days ago):
Mr Lundy would do well to find something else to amuse himself. If at 27 years of age part of his excuse is others were doing it== how pathetic is that? attacking police because others were? What is even more incredible is that he thinks it's a legitimate excuse! and is silly enough to actually say it out loud!! Unfortunately we have quite a few like him from both traditions who need no reason to riot===they just do, the thinking part of their brain is simply not active! As for the 16 yr old hopefully his parents will do the right thing for him.He doesn't sound like the truly hardened boys on the streets if he was sobbing so openly. Maybe this will be a lesson for him.I hope so.
eamonn in belfast wrote (551 days ago):
16 year old wept uncontrollably. Oh dear full of drink and drugs acting the hard man showing off. He will be weeping more uncontrollably when he gets 6 months. But he wont be alone looking at the amount of video footage.
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