400 cannabis plants seized in Belfast

Published Monday, 09 June 2014
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Police have seized over 400 cannabis plants at a house in west Belfast at the weekend.

400 cannabis plants seized in Belfast
Over 400 cannabis plants were seized on Sunday. (© Getty)

Officers raided the cannabis factory in the Broadway area as part of a planned search on Sunday afternoon.

Following the discovery, police have reminded private landlords to make thorough checks of their property on a regular basis.

Investigations show that many of the properties used as factories for cannabis cultivation are in the private rental sector across Northern Ireland.

The PSNI asking the public to remain vigilant and to look out for the following tell-tale signs that a property is being used as a cannabis factory: windows blacked out in premises with possible condensation; pungent, unusual smells, unusual activity at premises aka people visiting once or twice per day - then leaving.

Police also advised landlords to check their premises periodically as they can be ruined when used in this way leaving a massive repair bill.

Anyone who has any information in relation to illegal drugs is asked to contact local police on the non-emergency number 101 or, alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Taxi Paul in Belfast wrote (229 days ago):
@Wise up in East Belfast. The assertion that Cannabis is addictive has to be one of the most ignorant statements I have ever heard. I unlike you have read the studies and reports. I also have worked with young people and drug users. Like anything else cannabis can be habit forming but it is not addictive. The idea that you could get addicted from cannabis is ridiculous. Do you believe you get the DT's (Delirium tremens)from it as well LOL. Just to educate you Cannabinoids exist naturally in the brain. There is evidence of cannabis use going back over 5000 years. The paranoia accusation is misleading. Paranoia usually does not occur (maybe 1% of the time) and any paranoia that occurs only lasts a short time. I am aware that many people site cannabis use when they are applying for benefits or in court. I would suggest that other social factors are responsible for this. Don't you think it strange that it does not effect the 100's of thousands of middle class and upper class users in this way. If the herb was legal people would not be worried about getting caught with it and so would not be paranoid. In answer to you question "what do they do wene they have no money to buy it" I would postulate that they will start growing it. As for your alarmist assertion that users will start committing violent crimes to feed their habit is pure fantasy. As already pointed out cannabis is not addictive. I believe and some evidence from Florida suggests that when they legalise cannabis we will see a reduction in crime generally. Organised crime and terrorists will be denied funds. If cannabis is no longer illegal the price will fall and it will not profit criminals to involve themselves with it. Think of prohibition of alcohol in the USA. When this herb it legalised there will no doubt be a reduction in NHS usage and the police and NHS resources free up will be put to the benefit of society. Oh an also @ wise up if you are going to call someone an idiot make sure you have not made an idiotic spelling mistake.
No More Drugs in Belfast wrote (229 days ago):
Drugs no matter what are a killer and the more that the PSNI take of the streets the better. Unless you have actually dealt with someone who is addicted to drugs and see how it changes someone into a paranoid, angry young person then you would not be qualified to comment that any drugs should be legalised. Yes some people do take for medicinal reasons but this would be under strict controls, and not grown in some back street. Drugs break up families, cause heartache for the ones who are trying to deal with their loved ones who have become addicted, leaving them with not knowing where to turn to for help. Well done PSNI - now just catch the people responsible.
Wise up in East Belfast wrote (229 days ago):
Belfast in Belfast and game over use 2need to stop smokein it and catch unselfs on and wind ur necks right in people get addicted to it get paranoid on it and what do they do wene they have no money to buy it they start robbing innocent people and doing all sorts of other things just to feed ther stinking habit...just if and wene they legalise it we all need to b prepared for A lot more criminal activities in our areas well done u 2 idiots.
Taxi Paul in Belfast wrote (229 days ago):
Yet again resources that should be used to protect people from deadly drugs are being misused. Not only should the law on cannabis be changed but an apology to the people from the establishment is required. In particular an apology from the politicians, courts and police should be forthcoming. The police are not stupid they always knew cannabis was harmless and probably suspected it had medicinal properties. Before anyone says the police were only doing their job let me say that I do not accept that as a defence. The people who suffered from arthritis, alzheimers, certain types of cancer and other diseases unnecessarily because they couldn't get this medicine deserve justice. As do the people who died from some cancer types. They could not get this medicine because of the irrational persecution of cannabis by the establishment, a persecution enforced by the police and based on ignorance and inaccurate information. There is no excuse for this ignorance. Police wasted resources on this nonsense persecution of cannabis for decades The people who were victims of other types of crime because the police resources that should have been used to protect them were wasted deserve justice too.
Belfast in Belfast wrote (230 days ago):
The laws reguarding cannabis need to change! This 'drug' is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco both which are legal?its also far safer than the 'legal highs' that can be bought in the city center LEGALLY yet hundreds die each year from them? The gov need to legalise,educate people,grow it,tax it and sell it. Taking trade from criminals,making millions in tax,create jobs and stoping young ppl being offered other harder drugs by dealers? Seems like a no brainer...Take a look at the USA where they have finaly woken up! End prohibition,break the taboo.
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