SF 'will be in government in Republic’ – Adams

SF 'will be in government in Republic’ – Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has said it is "not a matter of if, but when" the party is in government in the Republic of Ireland.

The Louth TD made the claim to UTV on the campaign trail.

“We want the biggest mandate that we can get,” said Mr Adams.

“Maybe we’ll get it this time, maybe we won’t, that’s within the gift of the electorate.

“The election day is the people’s day.

“One thing is for certain, it isn’t a matter of if Sinn Féin will be in government, it’s a matter of when Sinn Féin will be in government.”

All five main parties have travelled around the country to deliver their manifestos for this year's General Election, during a short campaign lasting only three weeks.

Fine Gael leader and current Taoiseach Enda Kenny said: “I accept that the recovery underway has not been felt by hundreds of thousands of people, but that’s why we have to keep it going now."

Fine Gael’s junior partner in the coalition government, the Labour party, have seen their popularity fall in recent months.

Leader Joan Burton said that she was up to the task of retaining her seat, despite recent speculation that she could lose out.

“That’s my challenge over the next week,” she said.

“To say ‘look, we have the experience now, we’ve got the country out of a very tight fix and a difficult time and now we can actually make it very much better.”

Fianna Fáil leader Michaeál Martin has claimed that his party are ready to recover voters lost in the last election.

“A lot of people are indicating to us, ‘we didn’t vote for you the last time, but we’re going to go back to you and vote for you on this occasion’,” he said.

The polls will open on Friday in the Republic of Ireland.


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Comments (8)

Newest J in Northern Ireland wrote (3 months ago):

hahaha ! When I read this I just imagine Wee Gerry with his Ruby Red slippers on clicking his heels and wishing upon a star! "We will rule Ireland one day!" LOL . Keep dreaming Gerry my boy! The Republic's political parties wouldn't share politics with you even if their lives depended on it! The Irish economy is growing month on month, year on year. SF have managed to carve a descent slice of the vote over the last 7 years by capitalising on the Economic crisis in the Republic which is one of the oldest dirty tricks in the Socialist hand book. But the economy is turning and when people get money back in their pockets and things are all rosey the last thing they will want to hear is SF spouting their Marxist drivel ! Gerry your day has came ....and went! And it wasn't that much to shout about in the end! Your statement just stinks of defeatism and desperation and all of that before the Election?! What a joke!

Harry Campbell in Teesside,UK wrote (3 months ago):

A sound pre-requisite for being in power in any government,in any country, is to have a firm grasp of economics and they have been far from convincing to date. Promises are fine but books have to be balanced and the country has to be kept on an even keel. Mr.Kenny down south has had to be tough in recent times in order to stabilise the country and he is not too popular at present,it would appear. He has managed nonetheless to bring the country back from the brink and he deserves praise for that. Would Sinn Fein,had they been in his shoes,taken his way or simply resorted to the more popular appeasement method in order to gain support in their forthcoming elections? I personally prefer truth in all matters fiscal irrespective how hard that truth may be.

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