X Factor's James tackles No Doubt hit

Published Saturday, 03 November 2012
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After a masterclass during the week from US rockers No Doubt, X Factor hopeful James Arthur tackled one of the band's biggest songs during the live show on Saturday night.

X Factor's James tackles No Doubt hit
James Arthur performs Don't Speak by No Doubt (© Rex Features)

Five weeks in and with just eight contestants left, due to the departure through illness of Lucy Spraggan, the theme was Number Ones and everyone was out to make the hits their own.

James admitted that it had been awkward to sing Don't Speak in front of Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal from No Doubt, but still impressed on stage with a typically intense performance.

"You blow my mind, man," his mentor, Nicole Scherzinger, declared.

Sixteen-year-old Ella Henderson was also boosted by praise from No Doubt ahead of her stripped-back rendition of Katy Perry's Firework.

The best reaction of the night was saved for Jahmene Douglas though, with Tulisa declaring she would see him in the final after his rendition of Listen by Beyonce.

She added: "I've never heard a woman sing that song as well as Beyonce, let alone a man!"

"You killed it tonight!" Gary Barlow enthused."You're talent is absolutely amazing."

In the battle of the boy bands, Union J - who were in the bottom two last week - seemed to fare best with their take on Taylor Swift's Love Story.

By contrast, District3 were all but savaged for their efforts with Taoi Cruz's Dynamite.

"Guys, guys, guys ..." Tulisa sighed. "You've got it wrong."

Groups mentor Louis Walsh protested loudly and repeatedly, but was outnumbered by his fellow judges who feared the trio could end up in the bottom two.

"You were a vocal harmony band, very technical, very good singers," Gary said. "Somewhere that has got completely lost...guy I don't know who you are anymore."

And flamboyant Rylan Clark made good on his promise to sing Gary a ballad. Sort of.

Having spent time during the week introducing mentor Nicole to Essex life, his idea of a ballad was a slowed down version of Madonna's Hung Up - which he then kicked back up a gear by mashing it up with Abba's Gimme Gimme Gimme.

And that was all while decked out in a bright red jacket with huge feathered shoulders.

Totes amaze!

The two acts to receive the fewest votes will be revealed during Sunday's X Factor results show on UTV at 8pm, with one act then exiting the competition.

X Factor's Number One Hits week
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Over to you!

With just eight acts left in the competition, that's it for tonight and it's up to you who survives to sing another week!

Let us know who you think will end up in the bottom two or even leaving the show!

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Eagles' wings?

Nicole loved it and saw eagles' wings and everything ...

Louis on the other hand thought he was in a time machine.

In a shock move, Tulisa's also impressed by the song choice and the performance - but five weeks in, she thinks it may be too little too late.

Louis wants to know if Gary thinks Chris can really sell records internationally though and just isn't convinced. Time will tell!

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Well No Doubt like him - it's Chris!

Christopher Maloney's closing the show and he's flying right in the face of the judges' constant criticism by doing Eric Carmen/Celine Dion's All By Myself.

He can belt out a tune, but is the cheese factor just too much?

(Download the track here)

Well No Doubt like him - it
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Speechless ...

Tulisa's calling it early and says she'll see Jahmene in the final!

"Oh my god - you killed it tonight!" says Gary.

And he's a little slice of heaven, according to a slightly teary Nicole.


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Listen up ...

It's Jahmene! And we don't have favourites, but if we did it might be him ... Who's with us?!

Fresh from invading a supermarket with a very easily amused Nicole, he's tackling Listen by Beyonce.

We don't think he'll be stacking shelves again any time soon!

(Download the track here)

Listen up ... (©Rex Features)
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Guys, guys, guys ...

You've got it wrong, according to Tulisa. Mega awkward.

Louis's determined to drown her out though, ably backed up by the young ladies in the audience.

Gary doesn't know who they are any more. District3, Gary. Remember? Does everyone have amnesia tonight?

Nicole's input: "No, baby, no."


Ach, bless 'em - they look like a little row of kicked puppies!

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District3 distracted?

The boys are starting their performance from the crowd, but will their rendition of Taio Cruz's Dynamite suffer if they get distracted by the dancers?

They've got some girls dancing with them - that won't please their jealous fans in the crowd!

One of them can do backflippy things - not sure how he sings at the same time ...

(Download the track here)

District3 distracted? (©Rex Features)
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Stunning ...

Gary's certainly impressed, even if he does think the song was just a little too high for Ella.

Nicole's so blown away she forgot she's on X Factor and thinks she's in a movie! Sometimes we worry about Nicole, we really do ...

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Fireworks ...

After impressing No Doubt's Gwen and Tony, Ella's getting back to her roots - she wants to do something simple, like in her first audition.

So she's gone for a slow and emotional rendition of Katy Perry's Firework, with a pianist on stage to accompany her.

Is her powerful voice alone enough to blow away the judges?

(Download the track here)

Fireworks ... (©Rex Features)
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He so would!
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Wicked ...

According to Tulisa, it was like watching an established artist chill out at his own gig. At least that's what we think she meant - her version was wordier ...

Nicole's full of praise for her act, who "blows her mind, man". Not that she's biased or anything.

Ah, James reckons it was awkward singing No Doubt's song at them. It looked it!

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No Doubt about it ...

Mr Dark and Intense James Arthur is tackling Don't Speak by No Doubt - after a masterclass with the band themselves.

Was it just us or did Gwen Stefani not immediately look thrilled by the prospect of him tackling her song? But he certainly seemed to win them over.

And he's added his own rap to his twist on the song ... Bold move?

(Download the track here)

No Doubt about it ... (©Rex Features)
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Robbie take two?

Ooh, wee bit snidey from Nicole there - she basically accused Kye of stealing Robbie's moves after he worked the crowd and high-fived the judges during his performance!

Sounding positive though and we did wonder if Kye had kidnapped Louis's hair stylist too, Dermot!

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Here's Kye ...

He needs to unlock whatever he unlocked last week, according to his mentor Gary.

So he's got himself a band to tackle Always Get What You Give by the New Radicals ...

Does he have the music in him?

(Download the track here)

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Good song choice

Well, Tulisa's impressed by the song choice for Union J and has decided to mark the occasion by patronising the heck outta their mentor Louis - who's only been in the music business for twice as long as she's been alive. Hmm ...

But Louis has inadvertantly revealed the secret to Union J's success.

Their power is in their HAIR!! ANd rejuvenated by their funky hairdos, they will now take over the world via the medium of pop. If Louis said it, it must be true.

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Can Union J bounce back?

The boys were in the bottom two last week and have decided to come out fighting. Not sure that's the answer, lads ...

Oh, one of them's got a guitar - they do mean business.

They're singing Taylor Swift's Love Story in a blatant attempt to make all the girls in the audience either faint or squeal themselves hoarse. Crafty.

They're also randomly standing on what looks like two tennis table tables. Not sure what that's about ...

Can Union J bounce back? (©Rex Features)
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We're well jel!
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Totes amaze!

According to Louis, Rylan's the pride of Essex and still standing five weeks in - no mean feat!

But hold everything - Gary being positive?! Ish ...

The vocals weren't "too bad" apparently.

Ah, we knew there had to be a catch. Gary reckons that tonight will be Rylan's last in the competition! Do you agree??

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Rylan's out to impress Gary ...

He did promise him a ballad, so he started out with a slowed-down version of Madonna's Hung Up.

But he is still Rylan and he has spend time during the week turning Nicole into an Essex lass - so naturally, it didn't last long and Rylan and his feathery jacket launched into a mash-up with Gimme Gimme Gimme.

Will Gary like it? We have our doubts!

(Download the track here)

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Just once ...

We'd like the judges to be forced to bust a move as they make their entrance! If it's good enough for Dermot ...

Although he did go for understated with his own entrance this week.

Maybe he's saving his strength in case it all kicks off again between Gary and Tulisa!

Just once ... (©Rex Features)
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Guess who ...
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Well hello!

It's that time again, people - drama-rama, ding-dongs between the judges and a whole load of number one hits apparently.

And we're already one down!

It's bye-bye Lucy, 'cause the poor girl's just too sick to continue, bless her.

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Lee in Belfast wrote (812 days ago):
what meaningless drivle of a programme , air-head nobodys wanting to be air-head somebodys.
Music Lover in Real World wrote (812 days ago):
Lets hope the rumours about this rubbish being axed are true... meanwhile why arent the bookies cashing in on the number of flat & sharp notes these chancers hit per show... seriously though, making songs their own???????
laura in belfast wrote (813 days ago):
how cute is jermaine love him :)
joy hedger in eastbourne wrote (813 days ago):
Loving James Arthur and Ella amazing my top two for the final ,I would by there albums without a doubt the way they make there songs there own and so powerful gd luck !.X
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