X Factor's Jahmene has superstar backing

Published Saturday, 27 October 2012
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Jahmene Douglas took to the X Factor stage for a haunting Halloween performance of Killing Me Softly, boosted by the knowledge he's got A-list support from none other than Samuel L Jackson.

X Factor's Jahmene has superstar backing
Jahmene Douglas wows with 'Killing Me Softly' (© Rex Features)

The Snakes On A Plane star arranged for shy Jahmene to perform in aid of a charity he supports, ahead of this week's live show.

"He's the man!" Jahmene said of his new celeb pal.

"I'm going to start calling him Uncle Samuel. He was very down-to-earth and it was an honour to perform for him."

And Jahmene continued to impress with his simple take on the track made famous by both Roberta Flack and The Fugees.

Judge Louis Walsh branded him a "born star" and told him he was "world class".

James Arthur had also been rubbing shoulders with celebrities this week, performing alongside Labrinth at one of his gigs.

He went on to deliver a dark rendition of Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams.

Meanwhile, celebrity support was also on hand for both Rylan Clark and Kye Sones.

Essex lad Rylan continues to divide opinion with his flamboyant performances, but has been backed by both Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue.

On Saturday night, he mashed up Toxic by Britney Spears, Mousse T's Horny and Poison by his very own mentor (and birthday bash entertainer) Nicole Scherzinger.

And even long-time critic Gary Barlow had to laugh, as Rylan got up close and personal to the Take That star while dancing on the judges' table.

While Robbie Williams may be strictly Team Rylan, it was Kye who - after ending up in the sing-off last week - got to open the show with his hit Let Me Entertain You.

"Kye ... Come on, let's have it," Robbie tweeted after the performance. "PS: Good hair."

But as well as compliments, there were also plenty of catty comments and the X Factor's fright night almost turned into fight night, with judges Tulisa and Gary clashing over Christopher Maloney.

His performance of Cutting Crew's Died In Your Arms was torn apart by Louis and Tulisa as still too dated, with the latter rounding on Gary and blaming him for his act's 80s song choices.

"I don't know what offends me more, Tulisa - what you just said or the fag-ash breath," Gary said, to shocked oohs.

An angry looking Tulisa continued with her comments before following up with a jibe about smelling red wine off her fellow judge.

Gary did later apologise on the Xtra Factor, although he seemed to realise he'd be grovelling for some time before Tulisa would agree to forgive him.

The two acts to receive the least amount of votes from the public will be revealed on Sunday's results show, aired on UTV at 8pm, before one exits the competition.

Lucy Spraggan missed the show due to illness and automatically goes through to the next round.

X Factor's Halloween week
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Over to you!

Who'll be making a swift exit from the competition tomorrow night?

Let's hope the contestants don't have nightmares in the meantime ...

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Live Blog
Dark and intense ...

The judges are united in praise again for James.

Louis reckons that recording deal can't be too far off and Nicole says he's an international recording artist. Do we agree?

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Live Blog
Spooky ...

James has stolen Kye's guyliner!

Song-wise though, he's going for a haunting performance of Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams. Can he impress like last week?

(Download the track here)

Spooky ... (©Rex Features)
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Live Blog
Fighting or frightening?

Ooh, Nicole's pulling no punches!

While Gary loved the makeover and thought Jade was back fighting after last week, Nicole declared it was a good job it was Halloween 'cause it was a frightening performance!

Tulisa's doing her best to defend her girl, but Louis also isn't a fan of the song choice. It's not looking good for Jade ...

Live Blog
Live Blog
Freaky ...

Jade's gone all futuristic/Frankenstein with her outfit - and stolen Ruby from the Fifth Element's hair, by the way - as she sings Sugababes' Freak Like Me.

Eye decorations seem to be a recurring theme, so if you're stuck for a Halloween costume you could just stick some sparkly things on your face. Don't say we're not helpful ...

Has Jade recovered from her sore throat?

(Download the track here)

Freaky ... (©Rex Features)
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Live Blog
Different league ...

Born star, according to Louis. World class.

All the judges are, for once, in agreement and can't sing Jahmene's praises enough! And we have to agree - do you?

Could we have an early favourite to win??

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Live Blog
Nicole's sweet little pumpkin - Jahmene!

We couldn't say anything bad about Jahmene even if we wanted to - Samuel L Jackson's got his back! How cool is that?!

And why would we want to say anything bad anyway, we're def big fans.

He's tackling Killing Me Softly and keeping it simple ...

(Download the track here)

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Live Blog
Well, did they?!
Live Blog
Live Blog
Losing control ...

Tulisa reckons the dance moves threw off the vocals a little.

And grumpy Gary's on a roll. He hates mash-ups and the song choice and the performance and probably fluffy kittens ...

But unfortunately for the boys, Nicole actually agrees. Uh-oh, could the bottom two beckon?

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Live Blog
Watch out ...

... for those canes! Here's District3 with a mash-up of Every Breath You Take and Beautiful Monster.

They're also strutting their stuff through a creepy graveyard in their nice white outfits. Tad impractical ...

(Download the track here)

Watch out ... (©Rex Features)
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Live Blog
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Live Blog
80s Halloween pop opera?

We're not sure we would even know how that goes, Nicole!

But the ex-Pussycat Doll loved it, while Louis thinks Chris should head to Panto-Land.

Tulisa's putting Gary in the firing line though - blaming him for the 80s song choices.

Eek, someone get Dermot to step in quick before this passive-agressiveness between Tulisa and Gary gets out of hand! The catty comments are out in FORCE, with Gary accusing Tulisa of having fag-ash breath and her hitting back with jibes about too much red wine ...

Now, now, children - play nice! Don't make Dermot come over there! Or do - that would amuse us ... ;)

Live Blog
Live Blog
Christopher's still out to impress his nan ...

... but can he win over his critics?

He's been accused of being a bit 'cruise-ship' and now he's got a pirate ship in the background as he sings Died In Your Arms. Is that an omen?

(Download the track here)

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Live Blog
Impressed by the competition ...
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Live Blog
That's us told!

Gary reckons it's "disrespectful" to be impessed by Ella's age, because she's perfectly capable of competing with adults.

Shocker though - Nicole's not a fan this week. Apparently that was her least favourite performance of Ella's.

Louis just doesn't like her hair!

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Live Blog
The baby of the bunch ...

Even Sam Mendes is impressed by the talent - or was he talking about the Bond cast?

Ella's been enjoying the switch from school to glitzy movie premieres and now she's tackling the Evanescence hit Bring Me To Life.

She's teaming that powerful voice with a gothic look, given that it's Halloween.

She'll certainly have a nightmare brushing out that hairdo!

(Download the track here)

The baby of the bunch ... (©Rex Features)
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Live Blog
You can always depend on Louis ...

"You remind me of a young Jean Paul Gaultier ..."

Ah, Louis, we love you and your comparisons!

Is Rylan starting to grow on Gary though? He is trying to be positive ... Sort of.

Is Nicole's headgear cutting off the circulation to her brain?

Ooh, we're intrigued - Rylan's promising to ditch the razz-a-ma-tazz if he makes it to next week and just sing Gary a song. A Take That song maybe?

Live Blog
Live Blog
Heeeere's Rylan!

Fresh from his birthday celebrations (We're still laughing at the look on Kye's face when he clocked Nicole's outfit) and getting support from Robbie, Rylan's going for a mash-up!

He's stolen half his outfit from Lady Gaga and some of Nicole's song Poison - and her moves from his birthday bash, by the looks of it.

Even Gary Bore-low had to laugh!

(Download the track here)

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Live Blog
Now that is spooky ...
Live Blog
Live Blog
New tactic ...

In fear of any negative comments, the girls in the audience have decided to just drown out the judges ...

As if that, or the panto boos, could stop Tulisa!

But it was "perfection", according to Nicole.

She said lots of other things as well, but to be honest, we're getting distracted wondering what's on fire ... There's still a whole lotta moody smoke floating about!

And it's not just us - Dermot's noticed too ...

Live Blog
Live Blog
The name's J, Union J ...

The Union J boys, after approximately four days of getting their hair done, were enjoying the Skyfall premiere this week - complete with more girls than Bond gets through in a month ...

But now they've taken to the stage to sing Beyonce's Sweet Dreams. While stood on top of a car - well, they can't be old enough to drive it, so why not?

We're still raising an eyebrow at this whole Halloween theme malarky. C'mon, someone do Thriller already!

(Download the track here)

The name
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Live Blog
Robbie's impressed with Kye!
Live Blog
Live Blog
Nerves kicking in!
Live Blog
Live Blog
Job done ...

Nicole was entertained, so that's good - not the case for Louis though.

Although Tulisa and Gary disagree. Apparently Kye is back. Did he go somewhere? Only last week he was an all new Kye - and ended up in the bottom two ...

But it sounds like most of the judges think the Robbie masterclass did the trick!

Live Blog
Live Blog
Kye does a Robbie!

Can anyone do Let Me Entertain You quite like Robbie Williams?

Well, Kye and his guyliner are gonna give it a go!

Do we reckon it's a good Halloween week song choice though? Suppose you could argue Edward Scissorhands went after those jeans ...

(Download the track here)

Kye does a Robbie! (©Rex Features)
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Live Blog
Ready for action ...
Live Blog
Live Blog

Question: What's Nicole come as for Halloween? That's an ... interesting outfit, ahem.

Live Blog
Live Blog
We always knew Dermot was a little devil ...

We're just disappointed the moves didn't out-do last week's efforts ... ;)

We always knew Dermot was a little devil ... (©Rex Features)
Live Blog
Live Blog

Halloween week, people - are you scared yet?

Get ready for spooky songs, outrageous outfits and controversy right from the start! We're missing Lucy tonight, 'cause she's not well. So she's heading straight to the next round apparently ...

Ooh, can't wait to hear how that goes down!

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