X Factor finalists go for gold

Published Saturday, 06 October 2012
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With some Olympians in the audience, the first X Factor live show saw the 13 hopefuls go for gold and make their first attempts at proving they deserve their place in the final.

X Factor finalists go for gold
Rylan Clark sings Gold by Spandau Ballet (© Rex Features)

Judges Louis Walsh, Tulisa Contostavlos, Gary Barlow and Nicole Scherzinger watched as their acts did their best to impress the audience and viewers watching at home.

But first, Christopher Maloney was revealed as the winner of the wildcard place - with the emotional 34-year-old falling to the floor in shock.

He pulled it together in time to perform Mariah Carey's Hero though.

And sticking with the Olympic/Hero theme, Rylan Clark tackled Spandau Ballet's Gold - with a "sparkly, but subtle" costume to match. More sparkly, less subtle really.

Strong contenders included Melanie Masson belting out a Beatles number, 16-year-old Ella Henderson taking on Take That and shy Jahmene Douglas with John Lennon's Imagine.

"There's nothing I hate more than someone singing my song 10 times better than me," Gary Barlow told Ella after her rendition of Rule The World.

"That was absolutely stunning."

Louis said it was a "faultless, effortless performance", while Nicole told the teen: "You're from another planet."

Gary wasn't quite so complimentary when it came to Rylan though, declaring he was embarrassed that his fellow judges had kept the 23-year-old Essex lad in the competition.

Nicole hit back, saying: "Don't be an old grumpy fart now. He is the entire package."

But who will make it to the next round? You decide and the results will be aired on UTV on Sunday from 8pm, with performances from Leona Lewis and Ne-Yo.

Live blog: X Factor Live Show One
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Live Blog
Oi, Barlow!

Remember this?

And you had the nerve to be embarrassed by Rylan's performance lol! ;)

Live Blog
Live Blog
It's over to you ...

The hopefuls have done all they can for tonight, now they face an anxious wait to find out who's carrying on in the competition.

Who do you think will make it through? Let us know!

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Live Blog
Reaction ...

Louis is apparently Jahmene's biggest fan, but he's got competition from Gary!

And well done Nicole for just embarrassing the heck out of the poor boy! O_o

Live Blog
Live Blog
Last but not least ...

From Team Nicole, it's Jahmene Douglas with John Lennon's Imagine.

Lighters in the air, people ... Just don't set fire to the curtains. If you do, it wasn't our fault!

Beautiful song though ...

(Download the track here)

Last but not least ... (©Rex Features)
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Live Blog
Everyone wants a go on the X Factor!
Live Blog
Live Blog
Reaction ...

Ha, knew it!

Louis reckons Carolynne could be the UK's answer to Shania Twain.

Nicole seemed a little confused by the approach to the song, but she likes her country music apparently so it's all good!

Live Blog
Live Blog
Team Gary's last act tonight ...

And it's Carolynne Poole with Nicki Minaj's Starship. Only the country version. Yeah, you heard us, country.

How long 'til Louis mentions Shania?

(Download the track here)

Team Gary
Live Blog
Live Blog
Reaction ...

Standing ovation from three of our four judges and Nicole's getting all emotional.

"There's nothing I hate more than someone singing my own song ten times better than me!" Gary declares.

"Definitely better than the original!" Louis says. Cheeky, but do you agree?

He also reckons she's in the same league as Leona Lewis. Okay, Louis, you know lots of famous people - we get it!

Live Blog
Live Blog
X Factor's youngest hopeful ...

From Team Tulisa, it's Ella Henderson with Take That's Rule The World - she's the baby of the show at just 16 years old!

Can she impress Mr Barlow with his own song?

(Download the track here)

X Factor
Live Blog
Live Blog
Reaction ...

According to Mystic Louis, Kye's going to go far, he's going to get a record deal ... Bring us back the lottery numbers from the future, Louis! ;)

Gary's a bit ticked off though, 'cause his act didn't get enough razz-a-ma-tazz ...

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Comments Comments
Laura in Belfast wrote (555 days ago):
Gary and Charlene, I take it you both voted, since you are so passionate and upset about the result? Yes your woman was a better singer, but that's not enough. We do not need another good, not great, female ballad singer. At the end of the day, it should go down to the public vote and the public voted Rylan so get over it. Who takes this show seriously anyway? It's not a talent contest, it's a popularity contest. I watch it with the same attitude I have watching Big Brother or Neighbours- it's just light entertainment!!
gary patterson in northern ireland wrote (556 days ago):
louie walsh should be sacked, he is the most imcompatent judge on the x factor panel, it is a discrace that asked so many times for a name , he eventually said he wanted to save Carolyn and then changed his mind, imcompatent is not the word.
charlene skelton in northern ireland wrote (556 days ago):
Thant you for making it so easy in my decision not to watch his show even again. congrats on losing another viewer. Its a joke.
Jayne in Leicester wrote (557 days ago):
I have watched the live show tonight, loved it! But I am really sorry Mr Walsh, but your boys UNION J were not good the song they sang was rubbish. You need to step up, if they get in next week! I also think it would be great if you had a judge from Jo public, I know when I am at home I get it more right than some of you, do maybe there is others out there just as good. The last thing, I really miss how the X Factor start, when you were looking for singers, you need to show more of the ones who are rubbish, they can be so funny, and now you don't see enough of them. Gary glad your in it. I like your honestly, it's what you need, I think if it is a show about looking for a star, then the ones should be just that, and the likes of twin brothers ( forgot how they spell their names, ) that's how crap they are, Apart from that keep up the good work. Jayne
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