Will Tina leave Weatherfield?

Will Tina leave Weatherfield?

This week on Coronation Street, Tina McIntyre gave Peter Barlow an ultimatum - tell his wife Carla the truth about their affair or she will leave Weatherfield. But will the barmaid go through with her decision if she doesn't get what she wants?

Viewers have watched Tina try to fight her feelings for Peter, but she couldn't resist his charms and recently ended up in bed with him.

When it soon became clear that Peter was not going to leave his new wife, an angry Tina made the decision to leave the cobbles for London.

But when Peter discovered her plans he begged her not to leave, telling her he will try to stay out of her way.

The pair found themselves alone in Tina's flat and came very close to ending up together again only to be interrupted by a phone call from Carla and Tina was shocked at how easily Peter was able to lie to his wife.

"She's very shocked and sickened," said actress Michelle Keegan.

"She's finding this so hard and can't understand how Peter can easily switch from being so passionate with her to talking normally to his wife.

"But she still finds him irresistible. Deep down she still wants him and that's why she gave him the ultimatum.

"She feels so guilty at what she's doing to Carla but her passion for Peter is bigger than any feeling of guilt. She knows she shouldn't want him but she does."

Tina tells Peter to finally tell the truth or she will leave, but will she go through with her decision?

"It's her only option," said Michelle. "She can't stand around and watch Peter and Carla together.

"She can't be around him anymore. She has no control over her feelings for him; it's so upsetting to want someone she can't have. London seems like the only rational thing to do."


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