Will Nick keep Kal and Leanne apart?

Will Nick keep Kal and Leanne apart?

Leanne and Kal are growing closer and their feelings for each other are obvious to them both, but will their concern for Nick mean they can never be together?

Kal can understand why Leanne is being careful around Nick as he is quite vulnerable at the moment following the car accident and the breakdown of his marriage to Leanne. But he also believes that they need to tell Nick immediately, as it's unfair to give him mixed signals. Getting increasingly frustrated with the situation, Kal begins to wind Nick up at the gym but poor Steve ends up in the line of fire and receives a punch for his troubles."Kal is really ashamed," says Jimi Mistry, who plays the personal trainer. "(Dad) Sharif tells him he was unprofessional and Kal can only agree with him. He knows he was in the wrong and is appalled by his own actions."And when Leanne finds out what happens, it causes more problems for Kal. "She's furious," explains Jimi. "She confronts Kal and angrily orders him to stay away from both her and Nick in future (and he) is gutted."Eager to make things right, Kal tells Nick that he's sorry for pushing him too hard and offers to find him another trainer.But Nick is having none of it and insists Kal joins him for dinner in The Bistro and so begins a very awkward meal with Kal, Nick and Leanne all sat around the same table..."He can't stand Leanne being angry at him and he has such a strong need to be near her. He calls around and kisses her and tells her he can't keep away any longer."The pair enjoy a brief moment of happiness before they realise what their actions could do to Nick.Will Kal and Leanne sacrifice their happiness in order to save Nick's feelings?Coronation Street airs on UTV every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30pm.


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