Will Corrie's Sophie stand by Maddie?

Will Corrie's Sophie stand by Maddie?

Coronation Street's Sophie Webster is determined to prove to Maddie that she will never abandon her, but with the pair set to endure some tough times, can Sophie keep her promise?

It soon becomes clear to Maddie that she has outstayed her welcome at the Webster household as mum Sally is clearly not happy with her being there.Not wanting to stay where she isn't wanted, Maddie leaves, prompting Sophie to go with her."Sophie's intrigued by Maddie, how she's had to struggle through life and her troubled past and because Sophie's a caring person she wants to try and save her," said actress Brooke Vincent."She decides to go with her to prove a point and also to prove to Maddie that she's with her through thick and thin."I don't think Sophie realises what she's getting herself into when she walks out with Maddie and she certainly has a rough road ahead of her. I think it'll be a bit of an eye opener for Sophie."But when the girls get threatened in the hostel they're staying at, it's a real reflection of their different views of the world as Sophie wants to report the thugs to the police, whilst Maddie is against it.Brooke explained: "Sophie has always been taught that if someone does something wrong or illegal then you go to the police."Maddie on the other hand has been brought up to believe you should defend yourself and not go to the police, it will make it worse. So when they do have this argument and they are threatened by these boys, Sophie cannot understand why Maddie's not going to the police and asking for help."Both girls are looking at tough times ahead, but are they doomed to fail?"Who knows, maybe Sophie can be Maddie's savior or maybe Maddie will lead her on the road of destruction..."


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