Will Corrie's Rob get away with murder?

Will Corrie's Rob get away with murder?

After being unmasked as Tina McIntyre's killer, viewers are now wondering whether or not Coronation Street's Rob Donovan will get away with his shocking crime.

After a suspenseful few weeks of asking the question: "Who kills Tina?" it was revealed Rob joined the doomed barmaid on the scaffolding that night, as she threatened to tell Carla the truth about her affair with Peter and also expose Rob and Tracy's dodgy dealings to the police.Viewers watched as Tina accidentally fell from the balcony after a scuffle with Rob, but were even more shocked when she regained consciousness and threatened to turn him over to the police for attempted murder - causing Rob to attack her with a lead pipe.Ahead of Tina's funeral this week, Corrie actor Marc Baylis has been speaking to This Morning's Phillip and Holly about his character's state of mind since the gruesome event."He is totally in denial, he is in his own little bubble and it's now about how Rob deals with the aftermath," Marc said.Rob's actions that night were in part to protect his sister Carla, but he didn't bank on her being the one to find Tina's body, and thus putting herself in the frame.Marc explained: "She is suspect number one at the moment, and there has been a lot on Twitter of (people asking) "why isn't Rob protecting Carla?" if it came to the point where Carla was actually being charged he would stand up, or try to find another story or try to frame Peter."It's quite delicate so we don't know how exactly it is going to unfold."Following the explosive revelations of who actually murdered Tina, Marc has praised the Corrie team for being able to keep the huge secret from the media - revealing the extreme lengths the production team went to, to keep everything under wraps."There was a scene (that) wasn't in the original scripts. It was the scene under the railway bridge where Rob stashes the murder weapon and also the belongings from Tina's flat."That was actually filmed the week before it went out to air, I had wellies up to (my knee) and a mac from head to foot, with the hood up and a skeleton mask and we went from one side of Manchester to the other in a blacked out range rover."It was slightly extreme lengths."But will Rob get away with Tina's murder, or will someone else take the blame?It has been announced that both Marc and Chris Gascoyne, who plays Peter, will be leaving the soap at the end of the year."We are both leaving around the same time actually, we can openly talk about it because it doesn't give anything away - it just entices everybody a little bit more."Speaking about what the future holds, Marc said: "I'm going to carry on as is, I feel I have been very fortunate with the storylines I've had whilst I've been on Corrie, and I've had a whale of a time."It will be with a heavy heart moving on, because I'll miss a lot of people, it's been an experience that I will treasure forever."


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