Time is running out for Corrie's Andrea

Time is running out for Corrie's Andrea

Coronation Street's Andrea continues to spin huge lies as she lives her double life, but actress Hayley Tamaddon warns time is running out for her character and the truth could soon be revealed.

"Andrea has definitely been living a huge lie," the actress explained. "She's got a husband so she has been married for all this time and Lloyd has no idea... and when this comes out it's going to be a huge, huge shock.

"The twist has been brilliant to play, but I do feel quite sorry for the character sometimes, she's got herself into this ball of lies that she just couldn't get out of."

When Andrea first arrived in Weatherfield, viewers knew absolutely nothing about her, other than the fact she seems to have a shine for study buddy Steve McDonald.

But she very quickly fell in love with his best friend Lloyd, leading to the smitten taxi driver planning their future together...

"Lloyd is putting a bit of pressure on Andrea at the moment to move in and obviously she's married, so she already has a nice three bed, semi-detached and a husband and everything that Lloyd doesn't know she's got."

The walls soon start to close in on Andrea as her husband, who has returned from working abroad, starts to become suspicious of his wife and decides to follow her as she head towards The Rovers to meet Lloyd.

"Neil comes out of a taxi and Andrea is like: "Oh my God, what am I going to do?"

"She drags him off, takes him out the back of the Rovers and out comes Lloyd just at the right moment. This is a huge wake up call for Andrea, she's got to tell somebody and she trusts Michelle of all people.

"It's definitely not long before the truth is revealed about Andrea and there is so much more good stuff to come, which I (love) doing!"

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