Summer drama for the Platts on Corrie

Summer drama for the Platts on Corrie

The Platt family have had their fair share of drama and there's more to come this summer, according to actor Ben Price.

His character Nick continues to deal with his brain injury, all while going through a bitter divorce with estranged wife Leanne - and the pair are not showing any sign of attempting to handle it in a civil manner.

"Nick's world has collapsed," said Ben. "His brain isn't the same, he's not the same guy he was and then his wife ran off with the guy who is meant to be helping rehabilitate him.

"And she fights, Leanne gives as good as she gets and Nick's not backing down, he's not going to lose his business, so there's a lot of tension.

"This week we go into mediation and we sit down and talk through our problems, but I don't know quite how much Nick wants to go into the process of it, but it doesn't end well.

"I think once the mediation goes badly and once he feels a bit picked on, it's almost as though people are questioning whether or not it is his fault and that makes him even angrier.

"The first person he then sees is Michael..."

Nick is less than impressed with Gail's determination to help the man that burgled her home and in a moment of madness he takes his anger out on him by smashing the window of his van with a brick.

Ben said: "Nick's been here a lot of times, with a lot of men with his mum and I think he doesn't trust him at all. He catches them in the back garden having a little snog and this just infuriates Nick."

Meanwhile, David returns from holiday with wife Kylie and the children and it soon becomes clear that life is not running smoothly for them either at the minute.

Ben explained: "So while all this is going on, David and Kylie have been on holiday, they come back and things aren't happy in that little camp. There's problems with Max and I think we are going to see that develop further.

"The Platts are going to go through quite a bit of turmoil - it's always good at the Platts if there's a bit of turmoil.

"It can never be there's stuff going on with Gail, there's stuff going on with Nick and there's stuff going on with David and Kylie.

"There's going to be fun, tears and laughter with the Platts this summer, it's going to be great."


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