Sparks fly for Sophie and Maddie

Sparks fly for Sophie and Maddie

Sophie Webster has been dealing with an unpredictable Maddie for weeks, and as Coronation Street actress Brooke Vincent revealed, sparks are soon set to fly between the pair.

Maddie came into to Sophie's life when they met at the homeless shelter on Christmas Day.

And as Brooke, who plays Sophie, explained in behind-the-scenes footage, it has so far been a difficult relationship.

She said: "Sophie has been helping out at the homeless shelter, so she is in a very saint-like mood and she has made a new friend called Maddie.

"Sophie always goes for the naughty ones and Maddie attracts (her) because she's naughty and Sophie wants to see what is going on (with her).

"They've been having a bit of trouble because Sophie works out that Maddie stole (her mum) Sally's watch.

"The thing with Sophie is, every time something bad or somebody bad comes in with a story, she feels the need to help, so at the minute she is on a mission to try and help Maddie become friendly."

But Sophie is left speechless when events take an unusual turn and she sees a completely different side to Maddie.

"Sophie sees Maddie as an aggressive person anyway, but when Maddie turns up with bruises and cuts, she's a bit like "what have you been doing?".

"She follows her and then Maddie ends up kissing Sophie.

"So after this kiss, what happens? That's the question.

"Do they become lifelong friends? Or do they start on a romantic journey together?"

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