Sizzling summer in the Dales

Sizzling summer in the Dales

Regardless of the weather this summer, temperatures are set to soar in Emmerdale with a number of storylines affecting the well-loved characters.

She has only just made her return to the village, but Donna Windsor's tragic illness continues to dominate her behaviour.The mum and police woman strives to ensure she leaves her beloved daughter, April, with all that she needs in life. But how bad will she go?Meanwhile Ross Barton is unaware of Donna's secret, and his feelings for her are growing, meaning he is continuing to embroil himself further in illegal activities with his partner in crime.Adam Barton will be rocked by the revelation John was not his father, resulting in him plunging into a dark downward spiral fuelled by anger and hurt. With the return of Aaron Livesy to the village, can he save his best friend, or is their friendship doomed regardless?Andy Sugden faces a potentially life changing injury and has much to come to terms with. In this time of turmoil, will Bernice Blackstock be the woman he leans on or will he find himself pulled to the familiar comfort of another?Leyla Harding forges an unlikely business partnership with Megan Macey, but it seems another unexpected relationship may follow. Having previously slept with her sister's husband many moons ago, Leyla doesn't have the best track record and may once again become the other woman.Kerry Wyatt delights in her wedding plans and excitedly looks forward to the big day. With Dan Spencer finally on side, and the pair tackling whatever obstacles are thrown at them, they are hoping for a hassle free wedding, but that is never the case in Emmerdale.To highlight the summer of Emmerdale, a host of famous faces from the soap have taken part in a promotional photo shoot.Borrowing inspiration from The Great Gatsby and A Midsummer Night's Dream, the images show Donna, Ross, Adam, Andy, Leyla and Kerry in a whole new light.


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