Should the Grand National be banned?

Should the Grand National be banned?

Since 2000, ten horses have died racing the Grand National - prompting a This Morning debate on Friday on whether or not it is time to end the sporting event.

Presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford were joined on the sofa by horse racing consultant Dene Stansall who said the Grand National is outdated and 'a dangerous race.'

"I think there is a big media push to promote the Grand National, there is a huge commercial interest in there and I think its money talking rather than the welfare of the horse being paramount," he said.

We are putting those animals through hell when they are on that racecourse.

Dene Stansall, horseracing consultant

"What we tend to see is the camera following the front runners, what we don't see are those fallen horses at the back who are laid there with broken necks, broken legs and broken backs."

The Grand National was first run in 1839, and racing pundit John McCririck believes it should not be banned as it is part of our heritage.

He also said that banning the race would be detrimental to the horses.

Racing is in real trouble now.

John McCririck, racing pundit

"You are condemning the thorough bred species; they would not be kept alive if there was no racing.

"First it'll be the Grand National, then it will be a ban on all steeple chases and hurdles races," he added.


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