Shetland ponies pose in cardigans

Shetland ponies pose in cardigans

Some Shetland ponies are stealing the limelight as Scotland's 'mane' attraction, by posing in their winter woollies to promote the country's natural beauty.

Snugly wrapped up in their rather fetching cardigans, the tiny ponies have been pictured on Scotland's most northerly isles to mark the Year of Natural Scotland 2013.

While it's all part of celebrating the country's rugged landscapes and impressive wealth of native wildlife, its new ambassadors are now stealing hearts around the world with their cuteness.

"With Shetland wool and knitwear being so in demand, it seemed like a fun way to celebrate the Year of Natural Scotland," a spokesperson for Visit Scotland told UTV.

"We were looking for a photo which encapsulated Scotland's stunning natural landscapes, highlighted somewhere a little off the beaten track, and included some true Scottish locals.

"Shetland, and in particular Shetland ponies, instantly sprang to mind - the ponies are iconic around the world."

Fivla, the white pony, is 17 years old. She is a calm and loving little pony and is very good friends with Vitamin, the black pony, who is 18 years old.

Visit Scotland

Among the highlights being promoted throughout the year are Up Helly Aa - Europe's largest annual Viking fire festival, held in Shetland - and a host of other events, including the 173rd famous Royal Highland Show.

But for now, it's the two stars of the campaign firmly in the spotlight - and they certainly seem to be taking it all in their stride.

"They are very well looked after and come from the Thordale Shetland Driving Centre," the Visit Scotland spokesperson added.

Their ensembles were specially hand-made by a local knitter and, if you've ever wondered how you get a cardigan on a pony, all is revealed in a video of the placid pair's preparation for stardom.

Looks like 'neigh bother' ...


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