Sarah set for more Magazine moments

Sarah set for more Magazine moments

UTV's Sarah Travers is looking forward to more great TV moments from the new series of The Magazine as it returns to screens in February.

The popular show features the best of life in Northern Ireland, as well as top celebrity chat and a celebration of our unsung heroes who make a real difference with People Like You.

Sarah admits she feels "very lucky and privileged" to be a part of the programme, particularly as she gets to interview a host of famous faces.

She said: "I just hope I can ask the questions that people at home want to know. And hopefully I don't get carried away and star-struck too much!"

Ahead of The Magazine's return, Sarah has been looking back at her favourite moments from the last series - and there was definitely a lot to choose from!

One that particularly stood out was getting to interview country music legend and actress Dolly Parton in a live link-up to her home in Nashville, Tennessee.

"Dolly was just the loveliest, warmest, most sincere person," said Sarah.

"I think when you are lucky enough to meet your heroes, more often than not they are lovely, but there is always that little feeling of "what if she's not as nice in real life" but she was, she was better.

"The ambition now is to get her in The Magazine studio next time, right on the sofa next to me."

The last series of The Magazine took place over the summer of 2013 and included the fantastic roof garden set, which Sarah was very pleased about, even if some were sceptical...

The biggest highlight for the female members of UTV was definitely the arrival of Jamie Dornan.

Sarah Travers

"Everyone laughed when we said we were going to attempt to have a studio on the roof of UTV, but it was unbelievable," she admitted.

"We got the benefit of that lovely weather and it just made everyone smile. There was always that lovely happy vibe that only the sunshine brings."

One thing that might not have brought a smile to the presenter's face was the prospect of eating bugs, but, ever the professional, Sarah took it in her stride as The Magazine paid homage to the new series of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

"I actually enjoyed watching myself eat the bugs," Sarah said.

"I was very nervous about that because when I was told what I would be doing I thought "please, no rats or snakes!" because that's actually my phobia.

"So when I saw I just had to eat something, I've actually got quite a strong stomach so that was quite good."

Luckily for Sarah she doesn't have to endure such nasties very often in her job, because a lot of the time you will find her getting all the latest news and gossip from some very famous faces indeed.

"I got to meet one of my all time greats - Ruby Wax.

"I've never met a more clever woman in all my life and it was really good fun as well.

"We also spoke to Shane Filan as he was embarking on his solo career and he talked to us all about the ups and downs of the last couple of years.

"And we had two members of the Mrs Brown's Boys cast on the sofa, Danny and Eilish O'Carroll and what genuinely lovely people they were.

"They are such good fun and it was lovely finding out how they manage to work together when they are a family."

With so many famous faces roaming the corridors of UTV, it would be believed there was a 'cool and calm' attitude within the building.

However this was definitely not the case when Mr Christian Grey himself appeared on the UTV roof garden last summer.

"The biggest highlight for the female members of UTV was definitely the arrival of Jamie Dornan," joked Sarah.

"That caused a huge stir, he came out onto the roof garden and I don't think a jot of work was done anywhere else in the building.

"Everyone suddenly had to walk past - some more than once - and there were lots of people very, very jealous of me that day."

But it's not all rubbing shoulders with celebs for Sarah as last year she, along with presenter Malachi Cush, was set the challenge of finding out what it cost for a woman to get ready for a formal compared to a man.

You can meet as many celebs and that is exciting, but what we are really about here at The Magazine is hearing about the real people of Northern Ireland who are making a difference.

Sarah Travers

"Needless to say I totally ran up the bills that day!" she quipped.

But Sarah said the absolute joy of her job is getting to meet the real people of Northern Ireland and hearing their amazing stories.

During the last series she met the inspirational Dean Owen who was injured in an accident while serving in the army in Bosnia.

Sarah explained: "He lost the use of his legs and he decided to raise money by swimming Lough Neagh to help another little boy that he had read about who also couldn't use his legs and he wanted him to have this operation that could help him walk again.

"That was really humbling to see. I think an able-bodied person would struggle to swim Lough Neagh and for Dean to have done that and raised so much money was unbelievable."

And of course The Magazine honours the unsung heroes of Northern Ireland as it celebrates People Like You.

"You can meet as many celebs and that is exciting, but what we are really about here at The Magazine is hearing about the real people of Northern Ireland who are making a difference.

"Last year we met all sorts of wonderful people, including a midwife called Helen Donaghy who was just so lovely.

"She has delivered so many babies, but each birth is a special occasions for her and she just loves her mummies and her babies, as she told us."

The new series of The Magazine promises to bring more fantastic moments, including a chat with actor Ross Kemp who will be talking about his experiences in Belfast over the 12 July parades for his new series of Extreme World.

And Sarah also sits down with country music star Garth Brooks ahead of his much anticipated concerts in Dublin later this year.

The Magazine with Sarah Travers returns to UTV on Friday 14 January from 8pm.

And if you know someone who you think deserves special recognition, you can get in touch with The Magazine's People Like You team here.

You can follow The Magazine on Twitter @UTVMag


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