Rylan wants to tell off CBB 'player' Lee

Rylan wants to tell off CBB 'player' Lee

Celebrity Big Brother winner-turned-presenter Rylan Clark has admitted he wants to head straight into the house to tackle Blue singer Lee Ryan about his 'player' behaviour.

The boyband star entered the Big Brother house for the latest series of the reality show handcuffed to glamour model Casey Batchelor.

But, despite the pair seeming to take a shine to each other, Casey was left heartbroken when Lee turned his attentions to US actress Jasmine Waltz - earning him something of a 'player' reputation.

"They're going to re-title it Celebrity Big Brothel, so they are ..." This Morning's Eamonn Holmes noted, before giving off to wife Ruth for defending the man at the centre of all the scandal.

But, as she explained, the singer has appeared on This Morning many times and is known to them - and to CBB's host Emma Willis and Rylan - in the outside world.

Lee is a really genuinely nice guy on the outside. I just want to go in there and go: "What are you doing?!"

Rylan Clark

"I really like Lee," Ruth said.

"Ach, don't be - are you falling for all of this?" Eamonn scolded.

"No, just wait, shhh!" his wife insisted. "He's a lovely guy ... But he's sitting there in Diary Room crying: 'Oh, everyone's going to hate me - they're going to think I'm a player!'

"Well, you are behaving like a player!"

But, despite hailing Lee as a nice guy on the outside, Rylan says the singer doesn't have anyone else to blame for how he's coming across.

"He's been in a boyband all his life - he's had girls throwing themselves at him left, right and centre. If he was to do this on the outside, those girls wouldn't know each other," Rylan said.

"But what he's not realising is he's in a house, on the telly, and people are talking to each other."

And, as a former housemate himself, Rylan also insists that blaming editors will only go so far.

"Editors can do whatever they want, at the end of the say. But unless you've said it, unless you've done it, they can't show it," he said.

"And he's said it, and he's done it, and it is a big story that's going on."

I can't believe I get paid to watch Big Brother and talk about it!

Rylan Clark

For Rylan himself, his career is going from strength to strength - but he hasn't turned his back on his music career, after coming fifth on the X Factor.

And he admits that there is something big in the pipeline on that score.

"Things have happened quite recently that I can't go into at the minute. I hate being one of those people who are like: 'Oh I can't say!'" Rylan said, staying cagey on the details.

"But something's happened in the last few weeks that I've sat there and gone: "Are you deaf and is this for real?" And it is for real, so something is happening."

In the meantime, he's making the most of his presenting opportunities and has also found love with another Big Brother contestant and former Met detective Dan Neal.

And he advises catching CBB's first real eviction of this series on Friday night, billing it as "big eviction with a big twist".


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