New series reveals 'reality' of adoption

New series reveals 'reality' of adoption

A new series to be broadcast on UTV will explore the realities of modern day adoption in the UK.

Wanted: A Family Of My Own follows the searches of people desperate to become parents, as well as children who have suffered the toughest of starts in life, as they create new families through adoption.The series aims to shed light on the many myths surrounding adoption and the emotional challenges involved in the process that has no guarantee of success.The series is presented by Nicky Campbell, who was himself adopted as a baby.He said: "I wanted to be a part of this because I wanted to show people the reality of modern adoption and also to explore and explode some of the myths about modern adoption."We desperately need people to come forward, there are a lot of children in the care system who need loving homes and if this programme does one thing it will be to encourage people to see the magic of adoption."He added: "The first time a child says "mummy" is the most cherished moment for any parent. I remember my children saying, or even better attempting to say it. More wonderful still perhaps (if that is possible) is the first time a child says "my mummy" or "my daddy". "My mum remembers that moment to this day and now she is 90. I was adopted at six weeks and as she always said: "It was meant to be". She is my real mum. She isn't my birth mum but she is my real mum. That is my truth and the magical essence of adoption."Adoption has changed so much since I was a baby and the Beatles had their first hit. I hope - no, scrub that - I know that, some amazing parents to be will see the magic, and then to some beautiful little person they will one day be "my mummy and daddy"."During the course of the programme viewers will meet a gay couple who thought they would never become parents, a single mum who is adopting for the third time, a baby boy who was born addicted to crack cocaine and couples who, after struggling with infertility, are finally getting close to having families of their own.Producers have been working in partnership with eight local authorities across the UK who've given unprecedented access to the adoption process.Wanted: A Family Of My Own airs on UTV on Thursday 24 April at 9pm.


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